Wednesday, October 30, 2013

A Stand Up Gift!

 File this under "unusual gifts".

Fathead (they produce the life size appliques that you can attach to your wall - popular with students, and other young people) have launched "Stand Outs".

These are life size cardboard cut outs of a picture you send them yourself!  This has a lot of possibilities!  Here are some of the sillier ones:

  • A recently lost pet can live on with the family without the taxidermist fees
  • Recreate your wedding day (or night!) from your wedding photos
  • A great aid for coaching sports - use Stand Outs instead of Xs and Os on a board
  • A number of uses for bachelor or bachelorette parties come to mind
  • Fill out the bleachers at your kids Little League game
Please post any other suggestions in the comments!

If you get a life-sized Fathead Stand Out now you can get 20% off -  use code STANDOUT20 at checkout. (Ends tomorrow).

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