Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Doctor Who Fans Can't Wait!

 The 50th Anniversary episode of Doctor Who is being broadcast simultaneously around the world at 2.50 pm EST on November 23.

Doctor Who fans are waiting in severe anticipation (myself included!)

Think Geek are running a countdown to the show, highlights Doctor Who items that are great for your favorite Doctor Who fan.

Check them out!

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

A Stand Up Gift!

 File this under "unusual gifts".

Fathead (they produce the life size appliques that you can attach to your wall - popular with students, and other young people) have launched "Stand Outs".

These are life size cardboard cut outs of a picture you send them yourself!  This has a lot of possibilities!  Here are some of the sillier ones:

  • A recently lost pet can live on with the family without the taxidermist fees
  • Recreate your wedding day (or night!) from your wedding photos
  • A great aid for coaching sports - use Stand Outs instead of Xs and Os on a board
  • A number of uses for bachelor or bachelorette parties come to mind
  • Fill out the bleachers at your kids Little League game
Please post any other suggestions in the comments!

If you get a life-sized Fathead Stand Out now you can get 20% off -  use code STANDOUT20 at checkout. (Ends tomorrow).

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Tools Are Always Great Gifts - Free Shipping From Walmart

Tools always make great gifts - long-lasting and thoughtful - and are especially appreciated when they are good quality.

Walmart are now offering Bostitch tools - dependable performance and, of course, great prices.

At the moment it's free shipping for orders over $50, so get a start on your Holiday shopping!