Friday, June 11, 2010

Five Great Inexpensive Fathers Day Gift Ideas

If the economy has you strapped for cash, and you're looking for inexpensive Fathers Day gift ideas, you have come to the right place. We have five quality gift ideas that you can get for under $20, and he is sure to love at least one of them.

Lodge Charcoal Chimney StarterCharcoal Chimney Starter
If Dad loves to grill with charcoal, this is the only way to get the coals going. No lighter fluid necessary, and within 20 minutes, all the coals are red hot, putting out nice even heat. There are several brands available either at the big box stores or online. With a little shopping, you can find Dad a quality charcoal starter that will last for years.

First Aid Kit
This is a unique idea that most people won't think of. But a quality First Aid Kit is something that can always come in handy for Dad, or the rest of the family. It is a great way to be prepared, and get something for Dad. And if Dad is accident prone, then it can be a great gag gift as well.

Buck 379BRS Solo Folding Pocket KnifePocket Knife
Dads always carry around a pocket knife. They have so many uses, and they always come in handy. They are a perfect gift for any Dad. Finding a quality pocket knife for under $20 isn't difficult. Just look for quality name brand knives like Buck, Case, or Gerber. These companies have been making knives for years, and some of them have life time warranties.

At first glance, this looks a little cheesy, but there are so many options these days, that it's easy to find Dad something that he will enjoy. You can get his favorite team, race car driver, player, sport, hobby, funny sayings. You name it, it's on a t-shirt and Dad will wear it.

Indoor Golf Ball
Yes, INDOOR golf ball. If Dad is crazy about golf, and loves to practice, then get him an indoor golf ball. He's sure to love the extra time he can spend practicing.

There you have five simple and inexpensive Fathers Day gift ideas. It is not difficult to find Dad something he will enjoy on Fathers Day, and making it an inexpensive gift is not difficult if you spend a little time doing some research.
Happy Fathers Day!

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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Top Ten Mother's Day Gifts For 2010

Flowers - Two Dozen Assorted Petite Roses with VaseMother's Day this year falls on Sunday, May 9th. Do you know what gift to get your mother on Mother's Day? Are you looking for some exciting gifts? What would she like? To help you in your decision, this article provides a list of gifts that you should consider.

Here is a list of the top ten gift ideas for 2010 to help you make a great impression on your mother. Any mother receiving any of these would really feel she is very special and loved by her children. Some of these gifts can be personalized. By doing this you make the gift extra special and a Mother's Day that will not be forgotten for a long time.
    Bouquet of Flowers - Flowers are a great way to help your mother celebrate this wonderful day. Roses always go very well for any occasion. Find out what her favorite color is and buy a dozen. However, your mother may like other flowers than roses. Ask your father what flowers your mother likes if you do not know. If he does not know, then ask your mother. Be sure to ask well before Mother's Day otherwise you may be giving your secret away.

    Gourmet Box of Chocolates - Some mothers have a sweet tooth. This is a great way to help her on this day by getting some wonderful chocolates. This item goes very well with flowers. So, if you are getting your mother flowers, add this item.
    10k Yellow Gold Diamond 3-Stone Heart Pendant (1/10 cttw, I-J Color, I2-I3 Clarity), 18"
    Necklace - Necklaces can be a wonderful reminder of Mother's Day especially if the necklace has her birthstone somewhere on it. Can you imagine your mother wearing the necklace you gave her when she goes out wanting to show it off to her friends? A heart necklace would also be very nice too. Hearts cause mothers to think of love. There are many styles of necklaces to select from. If you have forgotten what she wears, maybe you can peak in her jewelry box to help you decide.

    Perfume - Perfume is a wonderful gift idea. Not only will it make her feel feminine, but every time she puts it on, the fragrance will remind her of Mother's Day and that she received it from you. There are some great perfumes to select from. If you know our mothers favorite perfume, buy that one. She will appreciate it.
    Hand Blown Multicolor Sommerso Art Glass Teardrop Vase 11" tall
    Vase - Vases are also a great gift for the occasion. Even if you are not giving your mother flowers for Mother's Day, a vase will always be nice for flowers throughout the year. Vases come in may colors, heights and designs. If you are getting your mother flowers, a vase would also be a great companion gift. When she sees the vase long after the flowers have faded she will remember that you gave it to her.

    Bracelet - The sixth best gift for Mother's Day is a bracelet. Bracelets can hold charms, pictures of family or your mother's birthstone. Have you heard your mother mention that she would really like...? Check her wardrobe. What would match one or preferably several of her favorite outfits? Be creative. There are excellent bracelets to choose from. Does she like gold, silver or ceramic colors?
    14k Gold Filled Engraved Heart Locket, 20"
    Locket - A locket is a great gift because you could put your picture in it before you give it to your mother on Mother's Day. Lockets come in various sizes and shapes. Getting her one in the shape of a heart will convey how you feel about your mother. She will like it because every time she wears it she will be reminded of your feelings towards her. Lockets usually come in gold or silver. What would match her watch or rings? Select one that will leave a lasting impression. You will be glad you did.

    Pendant - Pendants can be added to a necklace or bracelet. You can select heart shaped, birthstone, or other stones and shapes. Select one that your mother will like and will wear more than once a year. Pendants are great gifts. Surprise your mother this Mother's Day with one. You can also personalize it for an added touch.
    The Megan Jewelry Box (Cherry Finish) (6"H x 11.5"W x 7.5"D)
    Jewelry Box - Jewelry boxes are great gifts if your mother likes and has jewelry. Boxes come in one tier or multi-tiers and in various heights and widths. This is something your mother could put on her bedroom dresser and when she sees it in the morning or any other time will think of your kindness to her on Mother's Day. Jewelry boxes can be personalized to make them more memorable.

    Wallet  - Wallets are very practical gifts. They come in various materials, sizes, shapes and colors. Select one that will give her lasting memories and one that she will find easy to use with most of her outfits. If you are buying one with color, be sure to select a color that your mother likes. A mother needs a place to store credit cards, money, items, and pictures.
    What Should I Do Now?
    Do not wait until the last minute. Buying any of the above gifts will take some time and thought. Begin now to decide what gift to buy. Look for discounts and sales. Some of the above items may be on sale at various retail stores. Look for discount sale coupons for any store that may sell your gift.

    This is a great list of gift ideas for Mother's Day. One more gift that you can add to this list is to take your mother out to dinner at her favorite restaurant. What a great surprise she would have by not having to cook dinner on her special day. Be sure to make reservations in advance because Mother's Day is one of the busiest days of the year to eat out.

    May the gift you choose bring a lot of smiles and happiness and surprises this Mother's Day!

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    Monday, January 4, 2010

    40th Birthday Gifts - It's All Mischief and Mayhem!

    What You Don't Know About Turning 40: A Funny Birthday QuizDo you know someone turning the Big 40 or is that special someone YOU? Don't worry 40 isn't over the hill. 40 is one giant reason for celebration as they say that this is when life really gets started! So let's find some great 40th birthday gifts that any discerning 40 year old birthday boy or girl will absolutely love! The big 40 means it's definitely party time!

    Just like my 30th back yonder seems like an age ago but also just like yesterday. I must be getting old as I am full of contradictions these days! Someone gave me a booklet called "40 something vouchers" which they found online with coupons for various necessities for a forty year old. Things like an ultimate makeup removal kit, free copy of the best seller "The G-Spot", free pair of glasses and other various tit-bits to assist getting through your 40's! Like I need that; maybe the glasses and the makeup thing and the...

    My kids rewrapped the Dr Seuss book from my 30th birthday bash and wrote in the cover "Are you old yet?" I received trivia games, CDs from the 70s, 40th birthday badges and a Tshirt with "Made in the Seventies" plastered across it!

    The Big 40 is a great chance to reflect on past accomplishments, the future or to completely freak out; chances are all at the same time! But to heck with all of that as turning 40 also means a really huge party. Worry about all of the other stuff another time; like when you are turning 50!

    40th Birthday Gag Gift MugYou can serve drinks in some fabulous turning 40 light-up beer mugs or shot glasses; and don't forget to order your customized wine and beer bottle labels for the occasion. Whether this fabulous 40th bash is for you or a loved one it's really easy to make the occasion unforgettable with original props, bright decorations and funky 40th birthday accessories. Remember, unless you're my great, great Aunt Marge, you only turn 40 once! At 95 she thinks she's turning 40 every year!

    Looking for fabulous 40th birthday gifts and party trimmings isn't difficult especially with the internet. It's simply a matter of a quick Google search and surfing online. As life begins at 40 there will undoubtedly be plenty of drinking, running a-muck and festivities for this 40th birthday celebration; so it's wise to get online and start planning early. When you find the right 40th birthday gift simply make an online purchase at the checkout and then wait for the parcel to arrive in the mail or by courier. It's definitely the only way to shop!

    My fabulous 40th birthday charm mug certainly has pride of place on my cluttered desk at work. The office girls got it for me as they thought that the dangling silver diamante encrusted heart engraved with "40″ was perfect for me. I must say that I do love it but I also like the other one that says "I'm not 40 but 21 with 19 Years Experience" but I use that one at home!

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