Monday, September 22, 2008

Unusual Gifts Ideas For Men

Giving unique or unusual gifts enables your receiver to standout from the rest. Unusual gifts for men for instance, are quite interesting to discover yet there are still those who seem to have trouble finding it. These gifts are basically made with creative touch or personal touch of design. This idea is very true, what makes a gift unique is its content and feature that you can't usually find anywhere else. So to give unique or unusual gifts for men, consider the following ideas below:

Travel Poker Set
For men who were smart enough to play a card game, a travel poker set is very ideal for them. Your beloved man can take his favorite poker game anywhere and be able to keep track of his winning with casino quality poker chips.

Personalized Key Chain Bottle Opener
Men love to hang out with a couple bottles of beer. So you may consider a personalized key chain bottle opener, a deceptively simple form of gift for men with a classic and innovative style. Make it more special by including the engraved initials of your beloved men on the surface.

Rawling Baseball Bat
For a sports-minded man, particularly a baseball fan, a baseball bat can make a perfect gift for him. Add a thoughtful sentiment like scripting his initials or your personal message on the item. Present it on any occasion like holidays, birthdays, father's day and the like.

Gentlemen Leisure Pack
This option can make an ideal gift for groomsmen or best man during weddings. Hand it anyway to your beloved man packed with compact flask, cigar holder and cigar cutter in a handy case. Metal cigar cutters were once an elegant accessory of a bygone era and are now seen as collectibles - another great classic gift option as well.

Metro Cork Screw
A must have for men, loaded with new and cool features perfect for unique and interesting personality of your beloved man. Any men would appreciate this cool and entertaining cork screw while having a good time during parties and celebration. This is made of silvertone metal and designed to be classically engraved with his initials.

Personalized Pub Signs
A personalized pub sign can make a great accessory on your beloved man's bedroom and office. A wonderful accent with personal touch and reflection of his personality. Pub signs come in different designs and styles such as hilarious themes like a beach bum's bar, racing pit-stop, a tiki lounge, a Texas gambling joint, a sportsman's lodge, a pool parlor, sport's pub, a saloon and an auto mechanic's garage.

These unique and unusual gifts for men are available at your local specialty stores and online stores. You can find other choices such as embroidered cooler chairs, insulated cooler bag, personalized barware, shaving brush set, ceramics dice ash tray and lighter gift set and more. Make it special by having his initials or perhaps your personal sweet message on your desired item. Not a bad choice, any man would love having these unique gift ideas that are barely seen from others!

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Anonymous said...


I think there are so many people present different gifts to their ideals.

Nathaniel P. Renaud said...

I really want to thank you for writing this blog, I am actually looking for some nice present for my groomsmen and best man gift. They are planning my bachelor's party next weekend and I need to find some gifts by now. I wanted something to be remembered and special.