Monday, July 28, 2008

First Anniversary Gifts - It Just Takes a Little Imagination

Marriage is, at first, a testing time. Establishing a home together, getting to know each other, seeing what makes your partner tick are all things that are done in the first year of marriage. Then the first big test comes - what to get for the first anniversary!

The traditional symbol for the first anniversary is paper. This gives a lot of options if you use your imagination. Try to stay away from things like gift certificates unless you know your spouse particularly wants one, or it's very specific such as a spa gift certificate.

Having said that money can be a great gift if it is presented well. There are lots of things to buy in the first year of marriage and sometimes people sacrifice personal things to make a home together. You could actually think of something to stuff the money into that is connected to their interests or hobbies. If your husband is really into cars, you could get a toolbox and stuff one dollar bills into it. If your wife really likes gardening then a garden tool set with one dollar bills in won't go amiss.

Books are an obvious choice. Don't just get them the latest paperback bestseller but get something they will cherish. Perhaps a whole set of books on one particular thing - car mechanics for example. Another option is to get a first edition of a book you know they like - this will have a special meaning for them and could actually go up in value.

Tickets to an event are always a good idea. Go and see a concert or a show. You could precede it with dinner and present the tickets to them in a really nice card.

Along those lines, a poem or love letter can really go down well if written from the heart. Always include another gift such as jewelry just in case though!

If you spouse is into technical stuff or photography a really good printer will be really well received. Another gift along the lines of photography is a photobook, perhaps of your first year together or of your honeymoon.

The first anniversary should be celebrated by both of you so something you can do together is always a good idea - perhaps plane tickets for a surprise vacation at the beach, or even a cabin in the woods.

All it takes is a little imagination and your first anniversary will be a great success.

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