Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Ideas For a Father's Day Gift He Will Not Store in the Garage

I'm writing this article both as a father and as a son, therefore, I know first hand how much of challenge it can sometimes be or giving or even receiving a father's day gift. It may sound dramatic, but ask your self how many times, while shopping for a father's day gift, you realize that everything you deem as a good father's day gift your dad already has it. Because let's face it, dads usually can afford to buy anything they want, so when you try to find something they would like it turns out they already got it. That sometimes leads us to get something that seems fun or looks cool, but that in the end he will definitely not use at all.

On the other hand, as a dad receiving a father's day gift you usually have to put a big smile for your wife, kids and relatives no matter what father's day gift they got for you, a gift that probably they bought for you after being faced with the above mentioned dilemma. This is when you wait until everybody has gone and you start to look where are you going to store another great father's day gift that has no actual purpose in your life, other than reminding you how difficult can sometimes be to find a perfect father's day gift for you or you own dad.

I've come to find that my own dad, as well as many other dads -including myself- are very fond of useful gadgets and electronics as father's day gift, and I'm not talking about a barking robot or a night vision device, I'm talking about gadgets an electronics with the ability to actually improve dad's quality life so that his smile when receiving that father's day gift will come not only from his deep fatherly love, but from the true joy he will feel after unwrapping that father's day gift.

After a brief survey among friends and family -and of course considering my own taste- I've come up with a small selection of father's day gifts that are sure to please almost any dad in the world:

For the intellectual dad:

Amazon Kindle

This is one device I'm waiting for, and I swear, if I don't get as a father's day gift I'm going to order it the very next day!

I had one of these in my hand a few days ago, and I have no words to really describe how blown away I was from my first encounter with what they call "digital paper". As a father's day gift, this device will make an intellectual dad the happiest man on earth, and will probably turn a non intellectual one into an instant literate; this is without question a great father's day gift.

It's like reading on real paper, only you can carry 1000 books weighing only 10 ounces enclosed within a slim design of 7.5" x 5.3" x 0.7". You can download directly into your Kindle over 120,000 titles, without the need for cables or computers. Its absolute wireless power in your hand. You can't go wrong giving this as a father's day gift.

Right now you can give a Kindle for father's day gift for only $359.

For the dad on the road:


If your dad's car does not have a built in navigation system, he is surely in need of a GPS. So, there you go, another father's day gift idea that will not spend lonely nights in the garage. An guess what, there are a couple of GPS' at incredibly low prices right now that would make your father's day gift not only cool and useful, but also economical. Take a look at the Garmin Nuvi 360 and 350, as well as the Tom Tom One 3rd Edition.

The Garmin Nuvi 360 is only $239.18

The Garmin Nuvi 350 is only $233.50

The Tom Tom One 3rd Edition is only $144.89

With anyone of this GPS as a father's day gift, you are sure to give something useful that will save your dad a lot of time and gas.

For the dad in the tunes:


There nothing much to say that we don't already know about this fabulous gadget and it's potential as a father's day gift. I love iPods (who doesn't) and the good thing is that they are not as pricier as they used to be. So if your dad is into music and videos, this is you best choice for a father's day gift.

Ipod Touch 8GB $284.99

Ipod Classic 80GB $237.99

Ipod Nano 8GB 3rd Generation $179.00

For the dad at home:


I think no father could resist the joy of one of these, so no matter what your dad is into, if you and your family can afford to get him one LCD HDTV as father's day gift please do so, and make sure you have a camera handy to take a picture of his big fat smile (and probably loud screams) when he lays eyes on his father's day gift.

Right now there are some amazing prices on really huge LCD HDTV:

X2Gen 42" HD LCD TV - MV42R $689!!

LG 42LC7D 42-inch 720p LCD HDTV $999.97!

Of course, there are other models that I could mention but these two are 42" (great size) and at very low price. Any of these would make the best father's day gift ever!

For the e-dad:


A computer, whether owned by a man or a woman, is pretty much like a lady: it's always craving for new accessories. Therefore, your father's day gift -if your dad uses a computer- could well be one of the newest and most popular computer gadgets:

Logitech diNovo Edge (this is the must stunning wireless keyboard you have ever seen, no kidding), and it costs $139.99, but believe me, it's worth every penny.

Logitech VX Nano Cordless Laser Mouse for Notebooks $48.99

This selection of popular and high quality father's day gifts can be found at UshopOnSale.com. Make sure your father's day gift ends up spending a lot of time with your dad and not in in the darkness of a garage or basement, so give him something he likes!


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I have always felt thaat when giving a gift one shouldnt focus on the gift itself but on the emotions that come with it.

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