Friday, May 23, 2008

What To Get Dad For Father's Day - 3 Mistakes To Avoid

It's easy to get in a panic about buying the wrong thing for your dad. Fact is you thought of him, fact is you wanted to give him something, fact is you actually did go and get or make something for him. All of that is utterly precious to your dad. Nothing will diminish that.

If you're looking to move it up one notch and aim to give your dad something a little more unusual, perhaps a little more surprising, or fun, here are three itsy bitsy things you'll want to steer clear of:

1. Going too far out there

Even when wanting to surprise your dad, aim to push his comfort zone in very small doses.

For example, if he's not outdoorsy and never has been, he probably won't immediately start going off camping at weekends because you got him a luxury four-man tent. He may however go with you on a gentle walk broken up by a fabulous picnic you have packed up. Just you and him. You take a photo or two and you both have a precious memory for ever.

Also he just may start taking himself off on these kinds of walks. So you then get to give him a good pair of walking boots the next time you get him a gift.

2. Guessing his size

If you've seen a fabulous article of clothing you know your dad will love, and you want to get it for him, don't just guess his size. Don't accept a guess from his wife or partner, either.

Yes, he can always go back and change it if it doesn't fit right but what if he really doesn't enjoy shopping? What if he can't get this gorgeous color he's already fallen in love with, in the correct size?

If possibly, you want to avoid all this faffing around afterwards.

And you can.

With this super tip, you'll avoid this mistake completely. Okay, okay, the tip ...

From your dad's wardrobe, get an outfit your dad wears often and you know fits him well. Measure it. Then take your measurements to the clothes shop and measure every item before you buy.

That's it.

3. Getting the man-equivalent of the last sad-looking bunch of wilting carnations from the gas station forecourt

Which is - the key chain snatched from the auto parts counter, just before the other crazed soul lacking in the father's-day-gift-department could get it.

If it is very last minute and you still haven't got a clue, a gift token from your dad's favorite shop will be treasured. He probably already has his eye on one or two items. So he'd be overjoyed to trot in and get it.

To put a huge smile on your dad's face, you want a father's day gift with an edge. Here are some fresh, unusual ideas for what to get dad for father's day.

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