Tuesday, April 29, 2008

You Are On A Roll With Paper Anniversary Gifts

Admit I'm right. When you were first told that a couple's first anniversary would be celebrated by the gift of paper, you laughed, didn't you?

On the face of it, your mirth was probably justified, especially after you'd heard wondrous tales where anniversary gifts of gold and ruby and silver and pearl were offered in recognition of the couple's prolonged togetherness.

And you probably were about six years old, at which age paper conjures up paint daubs, papier mache, unseaworthy boats and glue.

But once you reach adulthood and you need to actually buy a paper anniversary gift, it does dawn on you that you can really come up with a sensitive and meaningful present that celebrates perfectly their 365th day of wedded bliss.

In fact, it could well be your first opportunity to display your imaginative prowess after the rigid dogma of the wedding list. So ignore the husband's predictable request for a blank check and the wife's for a wad of notes and get thinking with a little help from our guide, of course

Paper Anniversary Gifts whatever you want it to be

Of all the anniversary gifts, paper has to be the one with the most diversity attached to it.

First, the paper itself can be the gift, in the form of a Personalized Anniversary Calendar, for example, or a presentation set featuring a Personalized Anniversary Newspaper from the day of the wedding (when they probably had other things on their mind).

Second, something paper-related can be given how about a special anniversary paperweight that will be a constant reminder of the day?

Third, and this is where it gets really exciting, the paper can be a ticket or pass to some amazing experience day that the couple will remember for years.

It's a gift that comes twice once when it's given and once when it's redeemed. Because you know the couple best, you'll have a good idea what kinds of activities they'll like, and there is plenty of choice on the internet from a West End show and meal to a serene balloon flight, from wine tasting to a personal cookery demonstration.

Finally, you can choose to feed all paper connotations into the shredder when buying first 1st Anniversary Gifts and just choose something that will bring a smile to their faces, like a pair of champagne flutes and some bubbly to overfill them with!

And if you're buying an anniversary gift for your spouse, why not try a romantic gift that only you would choose for the person you've committed your life to.

Go on give someone an Anniversary gift with a smile...

Written by John Smith who runs GettingPersonal.co.uk - an online gift retailer who specialize in Anniversary Gifts and unusual Gifts

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