Tuesday, April 1, 2008

What Does Your Father's Day Gift Say About You?

Whether your Father's Day plans include burnt toast and breakfast in bed, a relaxed family barbeque or racing to the store for a last minute gift, seeing what your Father's Day gift says about you may just make you stop in your tracks before you buy the same old thing. Here are some classic examples of what your gift says about you:

  • Personalized coffee mug - You want to make sure that everyone at his office knows that you are his favorite child. No creativity points, but vanity points galore!
  • Designer wallet - You want to remind your dad that you are no longer the financial drain that you used to be. Now you actually have the budget to get him a fancy gift, provided you didn't use his credit card to buy it. Well done!
  • Tie that says "World's Best Dad" - People still give this gift on Father's Day?! Jokes and clich├ęs aside, you are the slacker child who can't garner enough effort to get dad a gift he will enjoy or wear in public. Try harder next year!
  • Photo personalized apron - By using an embarrassing old picture of your dad, you will make him (and everyone else) laugh whenever he's trying to guard the grill and impress the family with his culinary expertise!
  • Father's Day e-card- Practical and efficient. In reality, you saved time, money and gas, by eliminating a trip to the store, but still managed to show your dad how much you appreciate everything he does. Not bad!
  • Special dinner - You've shown off your hospitality and culinary skills, which your dad is certain you inherited from him and not your mother, by hosting dad at your home for his favorite meal. Extra points are granted when you remind him of the special night with a customized dinner invitation and treat him to a restaurant experience at home.
  • Restaurant gift card - Even though you don't win the prize for the most unusual gift, who can say no to a free meal? Complete this gift with a printable Father's Day card to add that personal touch. Bravo for practicality and usability.
  • Sporting event tickets - Every man has his favorite sports team so this is a no-brainer. Plus, it gives you the opportunity to catch up on life and spend some quality time together. Just hope you've won him over completely, so he chooses you to go with him. Well thought-out and fun!
  • Clothes - You are a fashionista (or control freak) who is capitalizing on this opportunity as a subtle way to remind your dad that his wardrobe needs to be brought into the 21st century. Be sure to add a note about not wearing socks with sandals!
  • Father's Day card - You are traditional, however, your options to be thoughtful are endless. You can create your own Father's Day card online and go that extra mile by personalizing it with a photo. You get extra points if you take the time to actually read the inside of the card before you sign and seal the envelope.
  • Book - Okay, there are two sides to every story. If it is a book by his favorite author or the newest war story for the history buff; then way to go. If it is a random book that has no relevance to your father's interests; then some quality time to find out what he really likes will be more worth your while!

If you are starting to worry about finding that one-of-a-kind gift for your father or grandfather, take a minute to relax and think about what your gift says about you. Are you the slacker son, the ever thoughtful daughter or the practical grandchild? Even if your dad is the most difficult man to shop for and finding a decent gift is near impossible, by starting your Father's Day gift search now you will find some new ideas to ensure a fun Father's Day to come.

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