Friday, April 25, 2008

Travel Gift Ideas for Her

Coming up with gift ideas for her can be frustrating, at first. In the end, you may come up with more ideas than you can possibly use and have fun in the process. It's important to begin by thinking about her likes and dislikes. If she does a lot of traveling, you can use that as a focal point when looking for gift ideas.

For example, when she travels she is going to have to sit for long periods of time. This can cause her pain in the back and legs. Pillows made for this purpose are great gift ideas for her. A vibrating lumbar cushion can help alleviate her back pain and tension. A neck pillow can help her get some rest while she travels. Small travel pillows that fit in her luggage are gifts she will appreciate.

Having a sturdy set of luggage is important, especially if she travels frequently. Start by take a look at her current luggage; keeping in mind her travel habits. Does she have appropriate bags? You may want to pick up a new carry-on bag for her, or a larger set of luggage.

If she has special needs, take those into consideration as well. She might need a small, locked bag for her medications. A travel jewelry case can be a handy gift idea for her so she won't lose her jewelry while away from home or go to bed wearing her fine jewelry and risk breaking or losing it.

Does she have adequate space for her wardrobe? If not, this creates many other gift ideas for her. Her wardrobe may get wrinkled in her current luggage, so she may need to bring an iron with her. If she often keeps her clothing in travel bags, she may be able to use a linen sachet containing her favorite fragrance. This gift will keep her clothing and luggage smelling fresh.

If she flies frequently, the carry-on restrictions on liquids make it difficult to bring along make-up, shampoo, conditioner and lotion. Travel kits with iron, hairdryer and toiletries are helpful. These kits come with small containers so she can take her own soaps, lotions and other toiletries along with her. Creating a travel makeup bag with small versions of the products she uses is another helpful gift idea for her. Bottles of perfume, hairspray and other liquids aren't allowed on flights, so if she travels a lot you could look into the current regulations to see if there is a travel pack you can get for her that she can carry in her luggage.

Traveling means that she will likely be away from her home at night. A small travel alarm is helpful to keep in synch with the rest of the world; just one of many travel gift ideas that can help. There are also fashionable passport covers. Many offer storage for her credit cards and checkbook.

Overseas travelers have to deal with different types of electrical outlets. Plug adapters are unique gift ideas that allow her to use her hair dryer and iron while out of the country. A portable DVD player and a few movies can perk up her business trips. If she enjoys scenic views and wildlife, a set of binoculars is something else to consider when shopping for her.

A digital camera to record her travels is one gift idea she is sure to love. Choosing a camera that can handle still photos and video is nice, but if she is a big fan of video clips you might want to buy her a video camera instead. Both have their advantages. If she likes printing her own pictures, you can buy her a printer and camera package.

To get her work done while on the road, you can buy her a laptop computer. Of course, there are many different styles, models and brands to choose from. Before making your purchase, be sure to get some insight into how she is likely to use her computer while traveling. is your source for information on gift ideas for all occasions. You'll find articles on topics like anniversary gift ideas, gift ideas for her, gift ideas for moms, gift ideas for him and more at

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