Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Personalized Father's Day Gifts Make Happy Dads

It's funny how we all think we know our fathers well - until the time comes when we have to buy a Father's Day gift for them. All of a sudden our minds draw blanks. We have ideas that seem great for about 0.3 seconds and then it dawns on us that the presents we're considering are bland, predictable and most importantly lacking in that special thing - the personal touch. But why is that so important?

Compare these two fabulous gifts: (1) a day spent throwing a screeching Lamborghini around corners at breakneck speed; (2) a day being pampered and massaged in a country retreat with scented candles and whale songs, where bath robes and flip flops are the height of fashion. Any father would be thrilled to receive either from their son or daughter, wouldn't they? Well, no. For some dads, the idea of firing up a V12 and burning some rubber will cause the involuntary rolling of eyes and stifled yawns. For others, any activity that results in a lowering of the heart rate is a pointless, overindulgent exercise. Getting the wrong Father's Day present for Dad will just go to suggest that you're confusing the things he would like with the things you would like. Straight away, you've failed the personal test.

So we've established that however magnificent and expensive a present is, if it's not bought with him in mind, it's like giving a fry-up breakfast to a vegetarian. To be truly personal in your gift buying means avoiding stereotypes of "what dads like" and thinking about the actual person you're buying for. If you get it right, you'll certainly have made a grand gesture, no matter how much you've spent.

We all have experience of receiving presents that show that the giver doesn't actually know us all that well. If the present is everyday and neutral, like chocolates, a good bottle of wine or a gift voucher, it's fine. Quite often they are things that you like but rarely buy for yourself - and it would be ridiculous to assume we know everyone intimately. But when the gift tries to tap into your personality but misses by a mile, it can end up being quite embarrassing, especially when they see it on eBay a couple of days later (bundled with last year's present).

Buying a Father's Day present isn't like playing golf. You don't take a drive down the fairway and then chip and putt your way to par. You have to get a hole in one every time. So now is the time to start really thinking about the things that excite your dad. How does he spend his weekends and evenings? Does he follow sport or hate it? Is he just happy to spend time with his family (or, if they've flown the nest, your mum)? Is he a gardener? A culture vulture? A thrill seeker? A cinema-goer? A wine connoisseur?

One thing that can be guaranteed is that once you've really given some thought to the loves of his life, finding an appropriate gift will be that much easier. Most importantly, it will be personal. And when you're showing someone how much you love them, that's the most important thing of all.

Written by John Smith who runs - an online gift retailer who specialize in Fathers Day Gifts and unusual Gifts.

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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

You Are On A Roll With Paper Anniversary Gifts

Admit I'm right. When you were first told that a couple's first anniversary would be celebrated by the gift of paper, you laughed, didn't you?

On the face of it, your mirth was probably justified, especially after you'd heard wondrous tales where anniversary gifts of gold and ruby and silver and pearl were offered in recognition of the couple's prolonged togetherness.

And you probably were about six years old, at which age paper conjures up paint daubs, papier mache, unseaworthy boats and glue.

But once you reach adulthood and you need to actually buy a paper anniversary gift, it does dawn on you that you can really come up with a sensitive and meaningful present that celebrates perfectly their 365th day of wedded bliss.

In fact, it could well be your first opportunity to display your imaginative prowess after the rigid dogma of the wedding list. So ignore the husband's predictable request for a blank check and the wife's for a wad of notes and get thinking with a little help from our guide, of course

Paper Anniversary Gifts whatever you want it to be

Of all the anniversary gifts, paper has to be the one with the most diversity attached to it.

First, the paper itself can be the gift, in the form of a Personalized Anniversary Calendar, for example, or a presentation set featuring a Personalized Anniversary Newspaper from the day of the wedding (when they probably had other things on their mind).

Second, something paper-related can be given how about a special anniversary paperweight that will be a constant reminder of the day?

Third, and this is where it gets really exciting, the paper can be a ticket or pass to some amazing experience day that the couple will remember for years.

It's a gift that comes twice once when it's given and once when it's redeemed. Because you know the couple best, you'll have a good idea what kinds of activities they'll like, and there is plenty of choice on the internet from a West End show and meal to a serene balloon flight, from wine tasting to a personal cookery demonstration.

Finally, you can choose to feed all paper connotations into the shredder when buying first 1st Anniversary Gifts and just choose something that will bring a smile to their faces, like a pair of champagne flutes and some bubbly to overfill them with!

And if you're buying an anniversary gift for your spouse, why not try a romantic gift that only you would choose for the person you've committed your life to.

Go on give someone an Anniversary gift with a smile...

Written by John Smith who runs - an online gift retailer who specialize in Anniversary Gifts and unusual Gifts

Friday, April 25, 2008

Travel Gift Ideas for Her

Coming up with gift ideas for her can be frustrating, at first. In the end, you may come up with more ideas than you can possibly use and have fun in the process. It's important to begin by thinking about her likes and dislikes. If she does a lot of traveling, you can use that as a focal point when looking for gift ideas.

For example, when she travels she is going to have to sit for long periods of time. This can cause her pain in the back and legs. Pillows made for this purpose are great gift ideas for her. A vibrating lumbar cushion can help alleviate her back pain and tension. A neck pillow can help her get some rest while she travels. Small travel pillows that fit in her luggage are gifts she will appreciate.

Having a sturdy set of luggage is important, especially if she travels frequently. Start by take a look at her current luggage; keeping in mind her travel habits. Does she have appropriate bags? You may want to pick up a new carry-on bag for her, or a larger set of luggage.

If she has special needs, take those into consideration as well. She might need a small, locked bag for her medications. A travel jewelry case can be a handy gift idea for her so she won't lose her jewelry while away from home or go to bed wearing her fine jewelry and risk breaking or losing it.

Does she have adequate space for her wardrobe? If not, this creates many other gift ideas for her. Her wardrobe may get wrinkled in her current luggage, so she may need to bring an iron with her. If she often keeps her clothing in travel bags, she may be able to use a linen sachet containing her favorite fragrance. This gift will keep her clothing and luggage smelling fresh.

If she flies frequently, the carry-on restrictions on liquids make it difficult to bring along make-up, shampoo, conditioner and lotion. Travel kits with iron, hairdryer and toiletries are helpful. These kits come with small containers so she can take her own soaps, lotions and other toiletries along with her. Creating a travel makeup bag with small versions of the products she uses is another helpful gift idea for her. Bottles of perfume, hairspray and other liquids aren't allowed on flights, so if she travels a lot you could look into the current regulations to see if there is a travel pack you can get for her that she can carry in her luggage.

Traveling means that she will likely be away from her home at night. A small travel alarm is helpful to keep in synch with the rest of the world; just one of many travel gift ideas that can help. There are also fashionable passport covers. Many offer storage for her credit cards and checkbook.

Overseas travelers have to deal with different types of electrical outlets. Plug adapters are unique gift ideas that allow her to use her hair dryer and iron while out of the country. A portable DVD player and a few movies can perk up her business trips. If she enjoys scenic views and wildlife, a set of binoculars is something else to consider when shopping for her.

A digital camera to record her travels is one gift idea she is sure to love. Choosing a camera that can handle still photos and video is nice, but if she is a big fan of video clips you might want to buy her a video camera instead. Both have their advantages. If she likes printing her own pictures, you can buy her a printer and camera package.

To get her work done while on the road, you can buy her a laptop computer. Of course, there are many different styles, models and brands to choose from. Before making your purchase, be sure to get some insight into how she is likely to use her computer while traveling. is your source for information on gift ideas for all occasions. You'll find articles on topics like anniversary gift ideas, gift ideas for her, gift ideas for moms, gift ideas for him and more at

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

What To Give A Wine Lover, Some Practical Ideas

Having a problem finding that perfect gift for a wine loving friend or family member? Keep on reading and you will find out what to give. The gifts will not be very expensive. But once you give them, the receiver will find that you can't put a value on these gifts.

All it takes is a little inspiration to create a perfect wine lovers gift.

There are two basic principles a gift should conform to. The first principle tells us that a gift should be able to give a hart warming feeling to the receiver. The second principles tells us that a gift should be cost effective. Cost effective does not mean a gift should be cheap. It can't be stressed enough that you should never buy a gift just because it is cheap. A gift should be worth the price you pay for it.

To focus on the first principle a bit, to give something that touches the receiver we should know what he or she really likes to get and which also tells a personal story. You should really do the best you can to find that special and personal gift.

Let's take a look at what a wine lover would like to receive. Maybe you could get a rare but not to expensive bottles of wine and add some food items that go well with the wine you've chosen. You could also add some wine accessories and have them engraved with a monogram, this would give it that extra personal touch.

Maybe we should think outside the wine bottle and look at gifts that are related to wine. You could give a lovely bottle of wine and some nice looking good quality crystal glasses. Put a lovely hand written toast on a card and you give it that personal sentiment.

Another great gift would be a gift basket. Become a private investigator and try to find out those little wishes the receiver has and put those items in the gift basket. Maybe the person for who you are creating this gift has a special bottle of wine he or she wishes to taste, wants that special recipe book about creating dishes with wine, special crystal glasses or wine accessories.

And if you want to be really trendy you should go for those little miniature wine bottles. If you want to give a few, 12 or 18 you should buy a few bottles every month. But once you have them all together and present them as a gift to that wine lover friend then they will know that you just went the extra mile for them.

Never forget the second principle, a gift shouldn't or doesn't need to be expensive but make sure it doesn't look cheap. It should be cost effective. Try and get the most effect with the least cost. In the end it should be about the thought behind the gift and not about the price. Make it personal and make it about wine, we are talking about wine lovers.

Jean Bolton loves to give gifts and wine is her favorite. She shows at what you can do with wine when it comes to giving.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Discount Gifts - How to Look Like You Spent a Lot (While Spending Just a Little)

A cheap gift can be pretty tacky. How can you look like you spent a lot while spending just a little?

The trick here is to be a good gift-giver and to buy quality items only when they are discounted. Here are some tips for doing just that:

First, good gift-givers always have a secret hideout in their home (either a gift closet or even just a gift shelf) for gifts they have purchased for people throughout the year.

Sometimes, a gift in your gift closet will be so good that you won't be able to stop yourself from presenting it early (and that certainly doesn't save you any money) but the experience will probably be worth it nonetheless.

Now stock that gift closet, but not all at once. Throughout the year, pick up items that you know your recipients will love. When you get just the right gift for a person, you won't be so focused on how much you spent.

A big part of being a good gift-giver comes from simply paying attention. When you attend or hostess children's birthday parties, make notes of what gifts got the most oohs and aahs from the party guests. Make notes throughout the year and keep a written file (mine is the back page of my Daytimer) with ideas of things that people have mentioned that they enjoy or would like to have. Then, when those items come up for sale, snag them at a discount.

Don't get overwhelmed by trying to buy everything at once. One trick I heard from a person who has 20 grandchildren: At the time of each child's birthday, she buys two gifts. She gives one to the child for her birthday and wraps the other for Christmastime. Once the holidays hit, her spending and wrapping are done.

Sign up for email notifications at your favorite gift stores. If you have a favorite boutique or gift specialty shop, make sure that you are on the store's mailing list. Some of the big online gift specialty stores have huge sales (with markdowns as high as 70 percent) at certain times of the year. It's a great time to stock up on things.

Stock up on gift wrap when you see it on sale, too. You can often snag great deals for this type of merchandise at craft supply stores (instead of specialty stores and gift stores).

And don't limit yourself to stuff. Often the best gifts aren't things at all, but experiences. A couple of ideas: Spa gift certificates or (here's one that is always a hit) a "date night" for a couple with young children (with certificates for babysitting, dinner, and movie tickets).

Also remember that a personal touch goes a long, long way. People love to receive handmade or personalized gifts. Even if you aren't adept at making such things as candles or jewelry, you may be surprised at how easy (and fun) these types of crafts are once you get started. Or you can keep the gift simple and jazz it up with a tin of homemade cookies or a thoughtful handmade card. Another idea: create a simple photo gift, which today's online photo processing sites make as easy as clicking on a photo and your choice of gift. Any creative, personalized touch makes a gift so much more memorable and doesn't cost much at all.

More than your gift, a person will treasure the notion that you have invested time, thought, and energy into the relationship by taking the time to find that perfect gift. Take pride in your ability to be a good gift giver. Take that time and invest that energy, and you'll tend to spend less money.

Jamie Jefferson writes for and, where she shares the web's best online coupons and promotions for discount gifts including Red Envelope coupons.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

What Does Your Father's Day Gift Say About You?

Whether your Father's Day plans include burnt toast and breakfast in bed, a relaxed family barbeque or racing to the store for a last minute gift, seeing what your Father's Day gift says about you may just make you stop in your tracks before you buy the same old thing. Here are some classic examples of what your gift says about you:

  • Personalized coffee mug - You want to make sure that everyone at his office knows that you are his favorite child. No creativity points, but vanity points galore!
  • Designer wallet - You want to remind your dad that you are no longer the financial drain that you used to be. Now you actually have the budget to get him a fancy gift, provided you didn't use his credit card to buy it. Well done!
  • Tie that says "World's Best Dad" - People still give this gift on Father's Day?! Jokes and clich├ęs aside, you are the slacker child who can't garner enough effort to get dad a gift he will enjoy or wear in public. Try harder next year!
  • Photo personalized apron - By using an embarrassing old picture of your dad, you will make him (and everyone else) laugh whenever he's trying to guard the grill and impress the family with his culinary expertise!
  • Father's Day e-card- Practical and efficient. In reality, you saved time, money and gas, by eliminating a trip to the store, but still managed to show your dad how much you appreciate everything he does. Not bad!
  • Special dinner - You've shown off your hospitality and culinary skills, which your dad is certain you inherited from him and not your mother, by hosting dad at your home for his favorite meal. Extra points are granted when you remind him of the special night with a customized dinner invitation and treat him to a restaurant experience at home.
  • Restaurant gift card - Even though you don't win the prize for the most unusual gift, who can say no to a free meal? Complete this gift with a printable Father's Day card to add that personal touch. Bravo for practicality and usability.
  • Sporting event tickets - Every man has his favorite sports team so this is a no-brainer. Plus, it gives you the opportunity to catch up on life and spend some quality time together. Just hope you've won him over completely, so he chooses you to go with him. Well thought-out and fun!
  • Clothes - You are a fashionista (or control freak) who is capitalizing on this opportunity as a subtle way to remind your dad that his wardrobe needs to be brought into the 21st century. Be sure to add a note about not wearing socks with sandals!
  • Father's Day card - You are traditional, however, your options to be thoughtful are endless. You can create your own Father's Day card online and go that extra mile by personalizing it with a photo. You get extra points if you take the time to actually read the inside of the card before you sign and seal the envelope.
  • Book - Okay, there are two sides to every story. If it is a book by his favorite author or the newest war story for the history buff; then way to go. If it is a random book that has no relevance to your father's interests; then some quality time to find out what he really likes will be more worth your while!

If you are starting to worry about finding that one-of-a-kind gift for your father or grandfather, take a minute to relax and think about what your gift says about you. Are you the slacker son, the ever thoughtful daughter or the practical grandchild? Even if your dad is the most difficult man to shop for and finding a decent gift is near impossible, by starting your Father's Day gift search now you will find some new ideas to ensure a fun Father's Day to come.