Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Choosing A Gift for Seniors

Our older loved ones can be very difficult at gift giving times. Many of them have moved to smaller homes and don't have a lot of room to display additional decorative items or store items that might be used only occasionally. Many already have most of the things they truly need or want.

Yet, those very problems in choosing a suitable gift can actually point the way for us. Since they may not want another collector's item, purse or tie, and since they don't want to store another kitchen gadget, think about giving what everyone enjoys. Food!

I suppose you could give them a can of green beans or a jar of pasta sauce, that's not really what I had in mind. Some of our older beloved family members and friends are living on a fixed income. Chances are good that they don't buy themselves many edible luxuries, so steer yourself to the gourmet isle of your online marketplace.

For someone adventurous, consider a fruit basket filled with exotic fruits. Remember that what is exotic in one location may not be in another. My mother lives in Florida, where there are many delicious fruits in the super market. She would enjoy a gift of oranges as much as anyone, but I have an opportunity to send her carefully selected apples and pears from the source.

For others, a selection of imported or domestic artisan cheeses would be very welcome. My aunt prefers flavors that are not too intense, so I might choose a gouda variety. My grandfather, on the other hand, preferred cheeses that one could smell a block away.

Every older person I know enjoys a morning ritual of either coffee or tea. You might think about giving them imported cookies or scones to add a little variety to that morning routine or to offer to guests.

I recently sent a luscious, gourmet chocolate cheesecake to one of my aunts. She adores anything that is made of chocolate, and my cheesecake gift was a huge hit. In fact, chocolate seems to be a flavor preference that runs throughout my family, regardless of age.

I do urge you to keep size in mind. While a huge gift basket may look impressive, sending an amount of fruit that can actually be consumed before over ripening is actually more thoughtful. I don't know any senior who enjoys wasting good food!

The author is a consultant for an online cheesecake store, where you can have a gourmet chocolate cheesecake, whether traditional or lower carb, delivered to any of the 48 contiguous states. In fact, you may select from 29 cheesecake varieties.

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