Thursday, March 27, 2008

Buy And Name A Star - Top Three Occasions To Give A Star?

So what's the special occasion? If you're looking for a personalized gift that will be remembered forever then why don't you buy and name a star. I'm serious you can actually go out and name a star after somebody or, even your self.

Stars make great gifts for many occasions, to show you what I mean, I would just like to give you three occasions, and where giving a star to somebody would go down a treat.

New Baby - Why not buy and name a star for the little nipper? This is a nice occasion to do the star naming thing. The beauty of naming a star for somebody, is that it will last forever, and it is a symbol to welcome the new baby into the world. The best part is, that he now has a prime piece of galaxy real estate named after him, how cool is that?

Birthday - If its somebodies birthday and they were born before star naming existed, then now is the perfect time where naming stars, would make a very nice gesture. A good thing about doing this on a birthday is that you can really personalize it. For example you could pick the constellation that represents the month they were born. Some places even let you choose when the star is visible.

Anniversary - The reason why I think that this makes a great occasion, is again because you can really make this very personal even down to the stars meaning. In this case you could choose the constellation Cygnus which is the symbol for kiss.

These are just a few ideas that I think make great times to buy and name a star for somebody. As you can see, you can create extremely unique gifts by selecting different constellations depending on what you wanted the gift to signify. Clearly you can create one of the most unique memorable gifts by naming a star for that someone special.

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