Thursday, February 14, 2008

Give a Gift For Every Season

An excellent idea - and you can plan ahead!

Who says you have to give presents only on special holidays like birthdays, Christmas or Valentine's Day? Why not give presents at the start of every season to someone close to you. Make it a quarterly event between the two of you, and others, to add excitement to every season.

So you like my idea. You want to give presents at the change of every season. Yet, the question arises, what do you buy for each season in order to give a special significance to it? Here are some suggestions.


It is cold, full of snow, and the only bright spot seems to be Christmas. However, winter does not have to be as dreary as you think, if you know what gifts to buy.

Obviously, when buying for winter, think cold and think what people need in the cold. Gloves, hats, winter car kits and thermal underwear are all good for this time of the year. If you are looking to brighten up someone's home, buy them a wreath or a flower that only grows in the spring. It will be expensive, but very much worth it. Specialty hot chocolate is a great gift as well for this time of year.

Remember, generosity is an honorable virtue. Don't feel like you are wasting money every time you gift shop.


Ah, the season of renewal and rebirth. Play into that by buying seeds for a flower garden, an umbrella for the April showers, or a special book that makes the reader want to sit outside in their yard, reading in the sunshine. The key is to make it something that puts the gifted person outside in the sun.


It is hot, beautiful and everyone is outside, so buy something that helps them while they are out and about. Something small like sunscreen, or big, like expensive sunglasses. You could also buy them a pass to a pool, or an air conditioner to keep the nights cool. Another excellent gift is a juicer, because summer just begs to have fresh fruit juice.


The leaves are turning, winter is coming, and in many ways, Autumn is the most beautiful season of the year. Beautiful flowers to brighten up a day work great in fall, as does anything to do with Thanksgiving. A small bench that the recipient can sit on as the leaves fall would also work great as a gift.

By thinking about the season and what it represents, it is very easy to find the right gift for every season. Turn you year into the Year of Gifts, and make everyone happy that a new season is just around the corner.

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