Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Gift Ideas For the Motorcyclist in Your Life

Some people are nearly impossible to buy gifts for. However, if someone has a hobby, that's always a good source for gift ideas. There are countless options for motorcycle riders no matter what your gift budget is.

Safety Equipment:

Some riders are very serious about safety equipment while others just wave it off, maybe obeying helmet laws by buying the cheapest helmet around but nothing else. This can be frustrating for people who worry about them zipping down the freeway completely unprotected.

There are plenty of helmets for the rider in your life that combine protection with style, but there are more safety choices than just helmets.

Leather jackets are the classic rider outfit and are functional as well as attractive. Get one with a spine protector for the best chance of surviving an accident with no long-term injury. Leather boots are another great accessory that provide protection if the bike goes down.

Are you on a small budget? Try a pair of motorcycle gloves or a helmet lock.

A rider who might not wear full safety gear normally will often wear it if it's a gift. The rider gets a great gift and you get peace of mind.

Aftermarket Motorcycle Parts:

Most riders want to customize their bikes and the aftermarket motorcycle parts industry has never been bigger.

Custom chrome options give bikes an eye-catching accent. Look through aftermarket motorcycle parts catalogs to find chrome accessories from screws to trim to wheels. For those on a bigger budget, there are kits that let your rider chrome the whole bike.

Seats are always a good choice; after all that's where the rider spends the most time! A more comfortable seat takes the strain off and makes the ride more enjoyable. Or give the rider more storage with saddlebags and luggage racks.

For a really special occasion, try something extravagant like one of the many custom bike kits. It's a once-in-a-lifetime gift, but it's certainly something that will be remembered.

Talk to Riding Buddies:

If you just don't know what to buy you can always go for a gift certificate at an aftermarket motorcycle parts shop, but those are so impersonal.

Instead, talk to your rider's motorcycle enthusiast friends. They probably have great ideas and can help with the details. They can steer you to the right brands so you don't end up with a chrome accessory that doesn't fit on the bike or a helmet that looks pretty but doesn't protect well.

Of all the gift choices for the motorcycle enthusiast, one of the best is to become genuinely interested in the hobby. It will bring you closer together and you just might find an exciting new pastime.

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