Wednesday, February 6, 2008

5 Great Gift Ideas for New Moms

Here are some great suggestions for gifts for a new mom.

Although it is fun to shop for those cute little color-coordinated baby outfits, most new moms receive more baby clothes than their babies need. Often times, babies outgrow clothes before they are worn or the clothes aren't the right size during the right season. This places a burden on the new mother to find time to return or exchange baby clothes. Following are five great gift ideas for new moms:

  1. Be practical. Consider filling a new laundry basket with individually wrapped practical items like baby clothes hangers, diapers, wipes and bottles. Other practical and often overlooked gift ideas include a gift subscription to a parenting magazine, acknowledging older siblings with a gift of their own to open, or providing a gift certificate redeemable for a mom and tot gym or music class.
  2. Pamper her. Consider a gift certificate to a spa for a massage or a pedicure for the new mom and offer to babysit so she can enjoy the outing. Or, prepare a gift basket filled with pampering items like bubble bath, candles, soaps, teas and a journal.
  3. Give the gift of time. Sometimes gifts that don't cost a thing are considered the most priceless. Create a homemade gift certificate or a coupon book for items like an afternoon of free babysitting, housecleaning, or running errands. A much needed nap break or a few hours to shop alone can be a priceless gift for a new mom.
  4. Cook it. Cooking dinners is generally not top-of-mind for new parents given the chaotic baby schedule. Consider coordinating a meal schedule for the new mom by having neighbors bring meals a few times a week for the first couple of months. Or, if cooking is not on your agenda either, consider giving the new parents a gift certificate for their favorite restaurant and offer to babysit while they enjoy a night out.
  5. Give a gift that lasts. It's always nice to stumble upon a gift you know a new parent may not necessarily need or buy themselves, but something that will last beyond the newborn stage. Examples of such gifts include photo albums, picture frames, a handmade quilt or growth chart, or a savings bond for the new baby.

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