Wednesday, February 20, 2008

5 Easter Gift Ideas (For Presents That Will Last Longer Than Chocolate Bunny)

Every year you give your family and friends a chocolate eggs and a chocolate bunny as a Easter gift? Maybe they have enough of it? Ate and forgotten. Try something else this year! Make everyone remember about Easter the whole year!

Easter happens one time a year. And that's the truth you can't fight with. Once in a year everybody sit around the table and eat a lot of eggs with joy from Jesus resurrection. The tradition demands to give some small presents to share this happiness - usually some egg-shaped sweets. This custom shouldn't be changed but maybe it's time to change the things that we are giving?

1. All right, it's Easter time so some presents should be in such spirit. Bunny? Probably not live (or maybe?) and not chocolate but a soft artificial bunny that your child can hold while sleeping. Cuddly bunny for a grown up person? Why not! It's a terrific way to say someone 'I love you' in a very special way and in the same time 'Happy Easter!'.

2. Plants may also serve the same purpose. Instead of giving someone a few cut roses you may give spring flowers in a flowerpots - for example tulip, crocus, hyacinth or even grass with a small artificial chicken on it. Plants will make the house look more happy, closer to nature and probably survive not only this year Easter.

3 Maybe something from home accessories? An ideal present for children or grown ups might be doorstops - from this occasion especially in rooster design. It looks really nice, serves every home and in this design looks like a piece of spring every season of the year. Because it is practical it can stand in the kitchen for example, and because it looks nice it can hold babies/children door ajar.

4. A dog! It might seem a risky idea but when you think about it for a while you will see that you can't give anything more special than a living creature and people are most happily when they get such presents. Of course that's a huge responsibility to have a pet so that kind of present should be thought through - animals aren't toys. If you well know the person you will also know if its home is opened for animals.

5. Something to decorate the house. There is a wide range of Easter decorations on the market. For example a pretty seasonal door wreath to welcome visitors over the Easter holiday. Hand-crafted with fresh foliage, herbs and moss and decorated with Easter nests - such Easter wreaths should be given few days earlier to serve its purpose as a welcoming wreath.

Happy Easter to all of you and tasty egg for!

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