Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Gift Ideas For the Motorcyclist in Your Life

Some people are nearly impossible to buy gifts for. However, if someone has a hobby, that's always a good source for gift ideas. There are countless options for motorcycle riders no matter what your gift budget is.

Safety Equipment:

Some riders are very serious about safety equipment while others just wave it off, maybe obeying helmet laws by buying the cheapest helmet around but nothing else. This can be frustrating for people who worry about them zipping down the freeway completely unprotected.

There are plenty of helmets for the rider in your life that combine protection with style, but there are more safety choices than just helmets.

Leather jackets are the classic rider outfit and are functional as well as attractive. Get one with a spine protector for the best chance of surviving an accident with no long-term injury. Leather boots are another great accessory that provide protection if the bike goes down.

Are you on a small budget? Try a pair of motorcycle gloves or a helmet lock.

A rider who might not wear full safety gear normally will often wear it if it's a gift. The rider gets a great gift and you get peace of mind.

Aftermarket Motorcycle Parts:

Most riders want to customize their bikes and the aftermarket motorcycle parts industry has never been bigger.

Custom chrome options give bikes an eye-catching accent. Look through aftermarket motorcycle parts catalogs to find chrome accessories from screws to trim to wheels. For those on a bigger budget, there are kits that let your rider chrome the whole bike.

Seats are always a good choice; after all that's where the rider spends the most time! A more comfortable seat takes the strain off and makes the ride more enjoyable. Or give the rider more storage with saddlebags and luggage racks.

For a really special occasion, try something extravagant like one of the many custom bike kits. It's a once-in-a-lifetime gift, but it's certainly something that will be remembered.

Talk to Riding Buddies:

If you just don't know what to buy you can always go for a gift certificate at an aftermarket motorcycle parts shop, but those are so impersonal.

Instead, talk to your rider's motorcycle enthusiast friends. They probably have great ideas and can help with the details. They can steer you to the right brands so you don't end up with a chrome accessory that doesn't fit on the bike or a helmet that looks pretty but doesn't protect well.

Of all the gift choices for the motorcycle enthusiast, one of the best is to become genuinely interested in the hobby. It will bring you closer together and you just might find an exciting new pastime.

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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

5 Easter Gift Ideas (For Presents That Will Last Longer Than Chocolate Bunny)

Every year you give your family and friends a chocolate eggs and a chocolate bunny as a Easter gift? Maybe they have enough of it? Ate and forgotten. Try something else this year! Make everyone remember about Easter the whole year!

Easter happens one time a year. And that's the truth you can't fight with. Once in a year everybody sit around the table and eat a lot of eggs with joy from Jesus resurrection. The tradition demands to give some small presents to share this happiness - usually some egg-shaped sweets. This custom shouldn't be changed but maybe it's time to change the things that we are giving?

1. All right, it's Easter time so some presents should be in such spirit. Bunny? Probably not live (or maybe?) and not chocolate but a soft artificial bunny that your child can hold while sleeping. Cuddly bunny for a grown up person? Why not! It's a terrific way to say someone 'I love you' in a very special way and in the same time 'Happy Easter!'.

2. Plants may also serve the same purpose. Instead of giving someone a few cut roses you may give spring flowers in a flowerpots - for example tulip, crocus, hyacinth or even grass with a small artificial chicken on it. Plants will make the house look more happy, closer to nature and probably survive not only this year Easter.

3 Maybe something from home accessories? An ideal present for children or grown ups might be doorstops - from this occasion especially in rooster design. It looks really nice, serves every home and in this design looks like a piece of spring every season of the year. Because it is practical it can stand in the kitchen for example, and because it looks nice it can hold babies/children door ajar.

4. A dog! It might seem a risky idea but when you think about it for a while you will see that you can't give anything more special than a living creature and people are most happily when they get such presents. Of course that's a huge responsibility to have a pet so that kind of present should be thought through - animals aren't toys. If you well know the person you will also know if its home is opened for animals.

5. Something to decorate the house. There is a wide range of Easter decorations on the market. For example a pretty seasonal door wreath to welcome visitors over the Easter holiday. Hand-crafted with fresh foliage, herbs and moss and decorated with Easter nests - such Easter wreaths should be given few days earlier to serve its purpose as a welcoming wreath.

Happy Easter to all of you and tasty egg for!

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Thursday, February 14, 2008

Give a Gift For Every Season

An excellent idea - and you can plan ahead!

Who says you have to give presents only on special holidays like birthdays, Christmas or Valentine's Day? Why not give presents at the start of every season to someone close to you. Make it a quarterly event between the two of you, and others, to add excitement to every season.

So you like my idea. You want to give presents at the change of every season. Yet, the question arises, what do you buy for each season in order to give a special significance to it? Here are some suggestions.


It is cold, full of snow, and the only bright spot seems to be Christmas. However, winter does not have to be as dreary as you think, if you know what gifts to buy.

Obviously, when buying for winter, think cold and think what people need in the cold. Gloves, hats, winter car kits and thermal underwear are all good for this time of the year. If you are looking to brighten up someone's home, buy them a wreath or a flower that only grows in the spring. It will be expensive, but very much worth it. Specialty hot chocolate is a great gift as well for this time of year.

Remember, generosity is an honorable virtue. Don't feel like you are wasting money every time you gift shop.


Ah, the season of renewal and rebirth. Play into that by buying seeds for a flower garden, an umbrella for the April showers, or a special book that makes the reader want to sit outside in their yard, reading in the sunshine. The key is to make it something that puts the gifted person outside in the sun.


It is hot, beautiful and everyone is outside, so buy something that helps them while they are out and about. Something small like sunscreen, or big, like expensive sunglasses. You could also buy them a pass to a pool, or an air conditioner to keep the nights cool. Another excellent gift is a juicer, because summer just begs to have fresh fruit juice.


The leaves are turning, winter is coming, and in many ways, Autumn is the most beautiful season of the year. Beautiful flowers to brighten up a day work great in fall, as does anything to do with Thanksgiving. A small bench that the recipient can sit on as the leaves fall would also work great as a gift.

By thinking about the season and what it represents, it is very easy to find the right gift for every season. Turn you year into the Year of Gifts, and make everyone happy that a new season is just around the corner.

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Wednesday, February 6, 2008

5 Great Gift Ideas for New Moms

Here are some great suggestions for gifts for a new mom.

Although it is fun to shop for those cute little color-coordinated baby outfits, most new moms receive more baby clothes than their babies need. Often times, babies outgrow clothes before they are worn or the clothes aren't the right size during the right season. This places a burden on the new mother to find time to return or exchange baby clothes. Following are five great gift ideas for new moms:

  1. Be practical. Consider filling a new laundry basket with individually wrapped practical items like baby clothes hangers, diapers, wipes and bottles. Other practical and often overlooked gift ideas include a gift subscription to a parenting magazine, acknowledging older siblings with a gift of their own to open, or providing a gift certificate redeemable for a mom and tot gym or music class.
  2. Pamper her. Consider a gift certificate to a spa for a massage or a pedicure for the new mom and offer to babysit so she can enjoy the outing. Or, prepare a gift basket filled with pampering items like bubble bath, candles, soaps, teas and a journal.
  3. Give the gift of time. Sometimes gifts that don't cost a thing are considered the most priceless. Create a homemade gift certificate or a coupon book for items like an afternoon of free babysitting, housecleaning, or running errands. A much needed nap break or a few hours to shop alone can be a priceless gift for a new mom.
  4. Cook it. Cooking dinners is generally not top-of-mind for new parents given the chaotic baby schedule. Consider coordinating a meal schedule for the new mom by having neighbors bring meals a few times a week for the first couple of months. Or, if cooking is not on your agenda either, consider giving the new parents a gift certificate for their favorite restaurant and offer to babysit while they enjoy a night out.
  5. Give a gift that lasts. It's always nice to stumble upon a gift you know a new parent may not necessarily need or buy themselves, but something that will last beyond the newborn stage. Examples of such gifts include photo albums, picture frames, a handmade quilt or growth chart, or a savings bond for the new baby.

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Friday, February 1, 2008

Valentine's Gifts for Him from Sharper Image

I recently got an email with the Sharper Image's top Valentine's gifts for him and her. I was interested, and amused, to find that I had previously got my wife three of the gifts for her in previous years.

Does this mean I have been assimilated into the Sharper Image Collective? I don't think so - I still can't stand the smell of those awful air purifiers; but I obviously do have a connection in some way.

TAO 1.5-Inch Digital Photo Keychain (TM263)

Philips 10.2-Inch Digital PhotoFrame (ON516)

Zarafina Tea Maker Set (JJ501)

Sharper Image Aromatherapy Shoulder Wrap (HC500BLK)

Sharper Image Leather Pocket Frame (Executive Gifts Collection) (SW307BLK)