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Top 5 Valentines Day Gift Ideas for Men

Top 5 Valentines Day Gift Ideas for Men
By Jessica M. Collins

Choosing the right and ideal valentine gifts for him is not an easy task. A gift for him should largely depend on his personality so a gift that suits the personality will be considered ideal.

However, most men tend to more appreciate a functional gift that is gifts that actually can be used or useful. They are not quite appreciating something that just looked pretty but not useful like flowers or chocolates.

Here are the top 5 valentine's gift ideas for your boyfriend, fiance or husbands that not just please them but they actually love and will use everyday.

1. Watches. Most men not so comfortable wearing jewelry but a cool, stylish and fine watch is ok for most of them. They not just use it but it also reminds him to spend time with you.

2. Wallet. Ask your man, how long has he been carrying that same wallet? May be the answer is: It's long ago or I don't remember. It's a sign to consider replacing it with a smart looking new wallet. It will be much better if the wallet can be personalized so his initial name is on it. But don't forget to slip a picture of you inside.

3. Ipod 8 GB Nano Video. Men crazy about electronics and as a modern and tech-savvy guy, your man will find the new Ipod Nano that can view video is a perfect gift that will make him smile, happy and will bring his new toy to everywhere he go. It's like bring some part of you to everywhere.

4. PING Polo Shirt. Most men are lazy to buy his cloth. A comfort PING Polo Shirt is perfect for leisure and casual wear which makes him wear this often. This shirt usually can be personalized so it can have his initial name on it. And you will have a good feeling each time sees him wear this polo shirt.

5. Personalized Medallion Black Coffee Mug. Whether your man drinks black coffee or tea to start their day, they will love and use this personalized coffee mug that has his name on it everyday. It also makes him remember you each morning even it is just for seconds each morning.

Finding and choosing a special Valentines Day gifts for your special man may take your time and thought, or even some headache. But it is worth it because it showed to him that he is mean a lot to you. And it will help bring your relationship to the next level.

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