Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Thoughtful Valentine Gifts for Boyfriend, Girlfriend and Husband, Wife

Thoughtful Valentine Gifts for Boyfriend, Girlfriend and Husband, Wife

By Alice Duong

Valentines gifts are, generally, associated with romantic gifts. Men usually (well hopefully) shower their women with jewelry, chocolates and flowers. Men love to receive gifts that serve a useful purpose or appeal to their interests. In addition to this, I believe that picking a thoughtful gift that you and your partner can both enjoy and share is meaningful and embraces the notion of love and appreciation for each other. In this article, I would like to recommend my 6 favorite valentine's gifts that are suitable for both men and women.

Bath Pearls and Mood Glow Candles

These are perfect gifts to wind down and relax after a long and stressful day at work. It is an opportunity to relax in the bath surrounded by colored glowing bath pearls and burning mood color candles. It is sure to get you in the mood for true relaxation and enjoyment. The bath pearl lights have a silvery, pearlescent shell and are shaped like a pearl with two sensors located on the base of each pearl. When the sensors come into contact with water, the soothing light show begins and phase through five different colors. Similarly, mood glow candles change numerous colors emitting a relaxing glow.

Head and Body Trip Massagers

For total relaxation, why not take turns massaging each other from head to toe with the amazing Head and Body Trip Massagers. Specifically designed to stimulate your nerve endings and massage acupressure points on various parts of the body, the Head and Body Trip Massagers are sure to send shivers and quivers from head to toe.

Sterling Silver Love Hearts

We all remember one of our childhood favorites - pink candy Love Heart sweets. We all remember going through the packet and picking out our favorite love message? Brings back those warm fuzzy feelings doesn't it? Now you can spread the love with this grown up version of the classic romantic candy. Neatly packed in a simple box, this perfect replica of the classic sweet is the perfect token of affection. Made of sterling silver and hallmarked with the three precious words 'I LOVE YOU' making it perfect to give to the love of your life. They can carry it round everywhere with them as a constant reminder of your love. It's perfect to give to men or women.

Chocolate and Strawberry Body Paint

This relatively inexpensive yet effective gift is a great way to add some fun on Valentine's day. The Body Pen is an erotic and sensual way to indulge your sweet tooth! Express your love by creating fun messages that are for your partner's eyes only. Body chocolate and strawberry body paint make a great gift for your romantic partner.

Digital Photo Frame and Digital Photo Keychain

Giving a digital photo frame or digital keychain may not seem like a very romantic gift. However, you can make this thoughtful and special by downloading some of your favorite pictures onto the keychain or frame before giving it to her or him. Imagine the smile on your partner's face when he or she opens the gift and is greeted by a beautiful picture!

Jellephish Mood Lamp

This is one of the best pieces of contemporary ambient lighting that I've seen. The Lamp flashes numerous shades, ideal for setting the mood or providing a relaxing atmosphere with its mood changing colors for a night of love and romance.

There are endless choices when it comes to picking the right Valentine's gift for your loved one. The recommendations I have provided in this article are gifts that you would buy for your partner. They are even suitable for a special or best friend who you simply want to show him or her that you are thinking of them on Valentine's day.

Alice Duong is the owner of MyRedPacket.com and writes articles on Gifts for all Occasions. MyRedPacket is a unique online Gift and Gadget shop with a good selection of Valentine's and Romantic Gifts

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Finding unusual gift ideas can be a lot of fun. Whether it's for Valentines day or some other occasion, I get a real kick out of finding something quite unique.

It's a Valentines Day message written in sand, accompanied by a special certificate recording the message. A momentary sandmessage of love.

All that's needed from you is to dream up the most creative and romantic Valentines message that you can that will set your mans heart racing.

The perfect way to deliver a romantic Valentines day message. It's about as romantic as it gets.

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