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Second Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas

Second Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas
By Neil Aronson

Your first anniversary has passed and now you're looking forward to your 2nd. But, what are you going to buy your spouse for that 2nd wedding anniversary gift? You may not yet have a handle on all of your spouse's likes and dislikes. You could just come right out and ask your husband or wife what to get. Asking never hurts, but make sure you don't tell them exactly what your final choice will be.

Consider a New Television

Does your spouse spend a lot of time watching sports on television? Or, maybe you and your spouse enjoy a movie together every Friday night? If this is the case, you may consider getting a bigger and better television for your spouse as a wedding anniversary gift. Together, you and your spouse could enjoy watching television on a big screen T.V. If you already have a nice television you could purchase an elegant television stand with built-in bookcases or other add-ons.

How About a Photograph Sketch?

Does your husband or wife have a favorite photograph of the family? If so, you could consider taking it to an artist and have the photo sketched out in pencil. Imagine your spouse's face as she opens up a big envelope to see her favorite photograph rendered as pure art. She'll wonder where you had it done and will probably want to have more photographs made this way. If you are good at sketching, you could consider doing the sketches yourself. Your spouse will truly see this as a gift straight from your heart that will be cherished forever.

Photo Albums Make Good Anniversary Gifts

If you still can't find anything that your husband or wife would like for that 2nd wedding anniversary gift, you may want to look into purchasing a personalized photo album. Personalized means you can have whatever you want engraved on the photo album. You could put your wedding pictures in the album or you could turn it into a photo album for your upcoming years together. However you choose to create it, you can't go wrong because it will stay in your family for decades.

How About a New Game Console?

Does your husband or wife enjoy gaming? Maybe the two of you would enjoy gaming together. If so, consider purchasing a new gaming console as your 2nd wedding anniversary gift. Already have all the gaming consoles you need? Consider purchasing him or her a collection of the games they've been drooling over. As long as you know the type of games your spouse enjoys this purchase will be easy. Just familiarize yourself with the types of games he or she is into by looking through the stack of games they already own. If your spouse is a true gamer, you can't go wrong with this gift.

How About a Swing?

Does your house have a large front or back porch that seems empty? Have you ever thought your spouse might love to have a nice comfortable swing? What a great way to relax and communicate with each other. You could spend many evenings on the swing as you watch the night stars and cuddle. You'll both remember this 2nd anniversary, as this is one gift that just keeps on giving.

Have a Happy Anniversary

Planning a wedding anniversary can be stressful. You might be fearful of purchasing the wrong anniversary gift. After all, you don't want to let your spouse down. But, chances are you are doing all that worrying for nothing. When it comes to purchasing a 2nd anniversary gift, don't stress over it. You can count on your husband or wife cherishing whatever gift you decide to buy them. Hopefully, this article has given you some great new gift ideas. is your source for information on gift ideas for all occasions. You'll find articles on topics like anniversary gift ideas, gift ideas for weddings, gift ideas for moms, gift ideas for him and more at

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