Saturday, January 26, 2008

Great New Home Gift Ideas

Moving into a new home inevitably brings unexpected expenses. First time home owners, who are starting from scratch, can be in for a big surprise, there are so many things they need to set up house. Maybe you're planning on buying a house-warming gift, but you're not sure what to choose. Here is a handy list of ideas to help kick-start your gift giving plans.

For the outdoors:

- Collection of small garden tools and a garden kneeling stool.

- Sprinkler

- Flowering plant with a trellis.

- Book on gardening and plant types.

- Badminton or volleyball set

- Bocce balls.

- Barbecue implements and a BBQ cookbook.

- Personalized welcome mats are a great gift. They come in all sizes, colors, textures, and can have themes that reflect your friend's interests.

For the kitchen:

- An electric wine cooler can be had for about $80 at Home Depot and for a wine lover makes a great gift.

- A collection of wines and a gift pack of cheeses, or a pottery wine cooler.

- An assortment of cleaning products, pail, mop, broom, and dustpan is not fancy, but something they will need.

- For the baker, they may appreciate a bread maker and cookbook.

- The aspiring gourmet may appreciate, a cookbook and a specialty rack for hanging pots, or a filled spice rack.


- A print or piece of artwork that you know they will appreciate. You may also want to have a picture of the couple framed for their new home.

- For the holiday season, a personalized tree ornament or decoration for the home to start their collection makes a memorable gift.

- A gift certificate to the local hardware store, Home Depot or decorating store is something they are sure to use.

- A set of screwdrivers, pliers, hammers and other basic tools along with a home fix-it book is a gift they will use over and over.

- A small fireproof safe or lock box is something a new homeowner would never think of purchasing, but will be thrilled to receive.

Group Gifts

Sometimes if you know a new homeowner needs a large item, it's better to combine your resources with other friends or family members and purchase one big gift. Here are some ideas for those types of giving.

- Lawn mowers are a necessity that most homeowners don't think about until the lawn is ready to be cut. Any sort of landscaping tools such as hedge trimmers, weed-eaters, a wheel barrow, or a collection of shovels (including a snow shovel), rake, hoe, and other garden implements are welcomed gift ideas.

- Barbecue Grills are a much needed item that will be welcomed when the nice weather approaches. - Storage shed for garden tools or waste cans.

- Vacuum cleaner or carpet cleaner is a useful gift, especially if you have an idea of what the homeowner is looking for.

- A kitchen appliance such as a food processor or a set of pots and pans.

Before deciding on a gift, make sure the new homeowner doesn't already have the item and that the color or theme fits. You don't want your gift to be an item destined for a garage sale, but rather a useful gift that creates a fond memory whenever used.

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