Friday, December 7, 2007

Top 10 Gadget Gifts for Christmas

Yep, it's another top 10 list!! These are some great gift ideas for the person who loves gadgets. I have the iPod Touch, and I highly recommend it.

Top 10 Gadget Gift Ideas For the 2007 Holiday Season
By Neece Campione

A gadget gift is something novel yet useful. Usually when you buy someone a gadget gift, you think it would be cool if someone had gotten you the exact same thing. We've put together a list, in no particular order, to show you what's out there for this season:

1. The iPod Touch: This perfect gadget gift has a 3.5" widescreen display on the multi-touch surface. It's just beautiful. You can download straight from iTunes, as well as surf the web with Wi-Fi, so it will fit seamlessly into your life. It comes in 8GB and 16GB.

2. The iPhone: Another great gadget gift from Apple, made even more attractive with its recent price drop. You've got a phone, an iPod and an internet browser in one groovy little package. It also comes with the awesome multi-touch surface.

3. Isis Puzzle from Sharper Image: If you think you're smart now, try this little gadget gift on for size. It's considered the most difficult puzzle ever. Each one is unique with just one solution. If you crack the code you win one of several prizes.

4. Sleeptracker Watch: We love this watch! If you need to wake up refreshed and alert, then you need a sleeptracker. They wake you up when you're ready within a window of time that you specify. This gadget gift is considered one of the most amazing inventions for 2005.

5. Solio: If you have a wanderer on your list who frequently finds himself slightly off the beaten path, with no place to charge his electronics, then this is the perfect gadget gift. It charges a wide array of devices using the power of the sun. So unless they're going spelunking, they can use it anywhere.

6. The Samsung Flash SSD: This is the gadget gift for someone who absolutely positively has to have the latest cutting edge computer memory technology. Data acquisition is super fast because it's solid state. There are no moving parts, which in turn means there's no chance of mechanical failure. This looks like "the next Big Thing" in computers.

7. The Micro Stainless Steel Digital Camcorder: Small, compact and shiny, this gadget gift is packed with awesome features. How about DVD quality video and 5.4 megapixel photos? It has a built in flash as well as a slick interface on a 2.5 inch LCD screen and a rechargeable battery.

8. The Ion USB Turntable: The perfect gadget gift for every audiophile on your list who still has lots of LPs, especially if they were never released on CD. Now they can rip their rare LPs directly to MP3 or WAV format and enjoy them any time they want. The turntable is professional quality, and it comes complete with the necessary software.

9. Sun and Moon Jar Lamps: Take a frosted glass jar, low energy LEDs, a high efficiency solar cell and a rechargeable battery, and what do you get? You get the beautiful sun and moon jar lamps! Completely portable and waterproof, they can be used to decorate anywhere inside or outside the home. All they need is direct sunlight to charge.

10. USB Rechargeable AA Batteries: A gadget gift to help you enjoy other gadget gifts you already have! Everything seems to run on AA batteries so this will help you save the environment as well, because you're not throwing away batteries all the time. Simply flip the top and plug right into your USB to charge them up.

Here's our list of our favorite things for the Holiday season this year. We hope it helps, because if we can save just one shopper from holiday overload, then it will have been worth it. And who among us doesn't have someone who would appreciate a gadget gift?

Neece, like everyone else, enjoys the finer things in life. She researches and discovers the best things available so you can find the luxuries you deserve as well as gifts for those you love all in one convenient place.

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