Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Last Minute Christmas Gifts for Sports Fans

Last Minute Christmas Gifts For Sports Fans 2007

By Nic Roberts

Sports fans come in all shapes and sizes, some like all sports and others may prefer one or two. I remember there was a game I went to a couple of years ago and I hate to admit this now because we had great seats but I could hardly enjoy the game because all I could think about was keeping warm. It didn't help that I could barely feel my toes and fingers at this point and I sat there thinking if only I had a heater. Which by the way makes a perfect a gift for a sports fan especially this time of the year. They are able to enjoy the game and be warm all at the same time. Here are some items that the sports fan in your life might enjoy this Christmas.

1) Tickets - this would probably be the best gift you could give a sports fan, tickets to a local game or pro. I'm sure the hottest tickets at the moment are bowl games.

2) Portable Heater - I love this product when going to games in the winter

3) Autographed Memorabilia - Can you imagine the look on their face if you had a signed football helmet from Tom Brady?

4 ) Team Jersey or Team Jacket - I gave jerseys to my nephews a couple of years ago and needless to say I was a wonderful aunt in their eyes.

5) Stadium Seat - They have some really comfortable ones on the market now.

6) Blanket - What could be better than a heater and a heated blanket at a game this time of year?

7) Binoculars - Sometimes the seat is a little farther than we had in my mind and this is a great help .

I hope this list helps when shopping for the sports fan in your life this Christmas.

Nic Roberts

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