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Christmas Gifts Your Friends Would Love

5 Christmas Gifts Your Friends Would Love

By Charlotte Demontigny

While it's sometimes difficult to choose the right present for family members, when it comes to buying gifts for our good friends; it can be a wonderful experience. Her are 5 Christmas gifts your friends would love.


Candles are a wonderful gift for any occasion, but for the holidays they are a necessity. There are so many choices to choose from these days; peppermint candles for the holiday table; berry candles to place throughout the home; votive candles, and more. You can even purchase several candles on a tray. They come in assorted sizes and scents.

New Car Gifts

Has a friend just purchased a new car? If so, here are some items you may want to give as gifts. A roadside kit which is invaluable, especially if your friend drives long distances. A blanket; a first aid kit for the glove compartment; and add a roll of quarters for parking to any of these gifts you may choose.

New Home/Home Improvement Gifts

If you're friend is a do-it-your-self woman, no doubt she will need some necessary items. How about a tool kit which comes with a screwdriver, hammer, tape measure, pliers, assorted screws and hooks. You could also include a small can of putty; and a putty knife as well.


You can find bags of potpourri in assorted scents. Your friend can make little sacks to put in drawers, closets, or simply place in a vase in the living room.


It may sound silly, but we all run out of hangers. More importantly, the wire hangers that come with our dry cleaning are a nuisance. There are wonderful hangers that allow for clothing to remain without sliding off. These are showcased on TV, and certainly you can find them in any major department store or online.

Sometimes, it's the things we don't think are luxurious or trendy that make the perfect gift. "Necessity is the mother of invention," and these 5 Christmas gifts will certainly come in handy and will be more than appreciated by your friends.

Charlotte Demontigny
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Beef Jerky Bouquet Blog said...

Hey. I have never thought of new car gift and my friend just bought one. Good. I am so glad it didn't say new car...whew!

I did not see a Beef Jerky Bouquet on the list. I think most of them were girl gifts. I guess mine is more of a guy gift. Perhaps for man gifts in your V-day article?

Happy Holidays