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Christmas Gifts for Him

Christmas Gifts for Him

By Jan Gamm

The Him in your life is always the worst possible person to buy for at Christmas or in fact at any other time of year. Men seem to have a talent for acquiring absolutely everything they could ever want out of life and a further talent for making it known they do not require anything else thank you very much. What, then, could you possibly buy for the man who has everything he wants and needs?

The electric shaver is always a wonderful standby. Men love gadgets and the electric shaver always has a yearly technical upgrade irresistible to the average beard. Even if your man has a shaver already, a new shiny one is always appreciated. Never buy socks and ties for the man in your life, he will hate them. Men consider gifts of practical clothing insulting and boring. Unless you are buying for Mr Practical do not consider such items.

Toys are great gifts for men. A remote controlled helicopter can provide hours of fun and entertainment, providing it is not too expensive or too complicated to assemble. Ensure you do not spend a fortune on items such as these, as they are prone to accidental damage. The latest tiny helicopter toy is a dream gift for the man who likes fiddling with buttons and controls.

Sentimental gifts for men are usually a no-no unless yours is the ultra romantic type. A good quality silver key ring is a safe gift if you want to give something lasting, especially for men who drive expensive cars. Avoid buying such things as briefcases or document cases. These things are a personal buy and need to be carefully inspected for individual preference as to colour, shape and function.

The latest Sat Nav is a great choice for men who travel in their work. Make sure you get a version which is both functional and up to date by doing your research online first. The same goes for digital cameras and other such gadgetry. These items go out of style within weeks and you really need to get the very latest models. If you are going to buy music, be sensible and give vouchers instead of trying to guess a man's preferences. Books are also best given as vouchers.

Instead of investing in gift sets of after shave and shower gel, buy a good quality leather bag and fill it with items you know would be welcome. So many men end up with piles of hand lotion and shower cream left over from three Christmases past because they are items they would never use. Choose a good quality shaving balm, always welcome and always used.

Avoid choosing power tools unless you are sure of what you are buying. There are a hundred combinations of drills, saws and planes, any old thing just will not do. Find out what he wants first, rather than guess wrongly.

Alcohol is a great gift. If you are unsure of his preference, then a bottle of good champagne is always welcome. A single crystal wine glass and a bottle of vintage wine is a safe gift.

Pens are a great choice if they are for a man you know well enough to understand which he prefers - ball point or roller ball or ink etc. You can always agree with the store to exchange for the right combination at a later date. If you are certain you have the right thing an engraved pen is always a welcome sentimental and personal item.

Theatre tickets or match tickets are always well received and they make good gifts for older men who are even more difficult to buy for. The good thing is you can buy well ahead for sporting events, so ensuring good seats. Do try to buy two tickets; otherwise the poor guy will end up sitting watching his favourite team alone.

Jan Gamm writes reflections on life with an emphasis on world travel. She has lived in many countries and traveled extensively in the Far East, the Middle East, America, South America and throughout the South Pacific. She writes for fun and for money whenever she can manage it.

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