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Christmas Gift Ideas for the Laptop User

If someone travels a lot or just uses their laptop a lot it can be a good source of gift ideas. In this article P Pavarolar suggests some gift ideas for the WiFi user.

A 2007-08 Holiday Gift Guide For A Wi-Fi Traveler
By P Pavarolar

Do you have a Wi-Fi(ed) traveler on your holiday shopping list? if so this gift guide can help you find the perfect Wi-Fi gifts for your Wi-Fi(ed) traveler. When it comes to buying Wi-Fi gifts for these mobile computing fanatics you need to ask yourself these 3 important questions about the gifts your are considering: Will it make life on the road easier for them? Will it make life on the road more fun for them? And will it save time and money on their travel? To make sure the Wi-Fi(ed) traveler on your shopping list is smiling on his or her next flight to New York, we've put together this wish list of our favorite gifts to give the working on-the-go Wi-Fi(ed) travelers.

Get Them Online Anywhere

If someone on your list travels all over the map and have yet to have a mobile Wi-Fi subscription consider Mobile Broadband Network from Sprint. At $59.00 a month this subscription will gives a large nation wide coverage using Sprint existing mobile phone network that gives your traveler access to Wi-Fi Internet anywhere. If this Sprint plan is a bit much for your budget considers Boingo who provides access to Wi-Fi Internet via 100,000 hotspots world wide. The subscription for Boingo's plan is $21.95/month for the laptop and $7.95/month for Smartphones & PDAs. Getting the Wi-Fi access to your special someone will make their life on the road that much easier!!

Finding a Signal On-The-Go

For finding out about Wi-Fi signal at the airports there is which your Wi-Fi(ed) traveler can use prior to leaving for his or her trip. We, however, recommend TrendNet Wi-Fi signal finder for when they are on the road. This little device is handy when you need know if there is Wi-Fi network that your computer can connect to in-range. A Wi-Fi signal finder can save time and the hassle of having to boot up and log-on to a laptop just to find out if there is Wi-Fi access around. The good news for this holiday is that the prices for Wi-Fi finders like the TrendNet Wi-Fi have been on a decline!

Put Wi-Fi in Their Hand

Okay, you probably already have guessed that iPhone is going to be on our Wi-Fi wishlist and we say why not!! The iPhone is awesome and for the price of $399 + monthly plan it is still a bargain when you consider all of the technologies packed into this little device that you are getting. The iPhone is SURE to make any Wi-Fi(ed) traveler smile and it will definently make the life on the road that much more fun!!

Connect to Wi-Fi Safely

Connecting to public hotspots on the road and be a blessing or a potential curse with hi-tech theft out there. Give your Wi-Fi(ed) traveler on your list a Wi-Fi peace of mine and sign them up with JiWire's SpotLock which costs $39.95 per year. This subscription helps ensure that he or she will be safe while working over Wi-Fi. The JiWire's software will block hackers, and allows you to access your email or other private information safely.

Watch The Shows On The Road Your Programs

Let them take their favorite show with them on the road. Thanks to Slingbox ($129.99), no matter where they might be, they will never have to miss an episode of ER or Heroes. This device allow you to access your home TV and its programs over the internet from anywhere on your laptop. The TV-top device connects to your TV and your home Internet connection making your TV program available for access over any internet connection.

Now you have a list of our favorite Wi-Fi gifts that will make any Wi-Fi fan smile this holiday, go on and start shopping!!

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