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Give Her A Gift She'll Love - Tips For Buying Her Christmas Gift

Give Her A Gift She'll Love - Tips For Buying Her Christmas Gift

By Jennifer Wasilewski

Buying the perfect gift for that special lady in your life is far from easy. One wrong purchase and your thoughtful gift can turn into a relationship nightmare. It may seem like there is no light at the end of this gift giving tunnel, but lucky for you, there is. With the right tips and advice you can get your girlfriend or wife something she'll love. Follow these terrific tips for giving the woman in your life a gift she'll love.

  • Pay Attention: You know the holiday's are right around the corner and that any day now you're going to have to hit the mall or the internet in search of a perfect gift for your lady. With that in mind, start paying attention to any clues, subtle or not so subtle, that she may give you. This means you need to listen, remember, and possibly even write down things she says when you're watching TV, walking through the mall, or just hanging out. If she says she likes a specific brand of clothing, scent of perfume, or type of music, use this information to guide your gift search.
  • Check out Her Room: A girl's room is a great place to learn what she likes. Take a quick peak in your girl's room and look around for any clues that can help you find a perfect gift. If you live with your lover and still aren't sure what she likes, you may be out of luck. However, a quick inventory of her beauty supplies, closet, and bookshelf/CD case should help you out.
  • Find Out Her Hobbies: Does she like a particular sport or activity? Is she a big reader or is she more into movies? If you're buying y the lady in your life a Christmas present, chances are you have to have some knowledge of what she really likes to do. Getting her a gift that has something to do with her favorite activity will let her know you pay attention to her and know what she likes. It will also help you buy a gift that she will love and be able to use.
  • Be Practical: If you don't think she can use it, chances are she won't. Sentimental gifts are okay for some occasions, especially anniversaries and other relationship related gifts. Holiday gifts should be fun and or practical. Think about when you were a child and holidays often meant new toys to play with. The same is similar for the adult world of gift giving. Buy her something she can use whether it's an iPod or her favorite perfume.
  • Ask Friends and Family: Besides you, no one knows her better than her friends and family. It's possible they know exactly why she expects from you during the holidays so checking with them is a great idea. They should be able to tell you what she wants or at least point you in the right direction. Asking her close friends and family also may be helpful when you're trying to find out her sizes (jeans, shirts, shoes, or jewelry), anything she's allergic to (in case you're buying perfume) or anything she absolutely hates or loves.
  • Stay Away from Monetary Gifts: Sure, everyone one loves cash in hand, but it's not exactly an ideal Christmas present. Women tend to like gifts that show you pay attention and that you put more than five seconds of thought into it. That said, never give the lady in your life a card with money unless she has specifically told you "I just want cash," in which case you may be the luckiest man alive. Gift cards for things she enjoys, like coffee, books, or music are okay, but only give them as an added bonus, never as the sole and or most important gift.

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