Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Football Gifts - Get Them a Jersey

Football season is in full swing and what better gift to get the rabid fan than a jersey?

They range from a basic jersey, one with their favorite player, personalised with a name you choose and one's with famous players from the past (and they go up in price in that order!). It's worth mentioning that the price varies wildly from team to team, depending on the quality etc. Check out also has a wide range of ladies apparel that is really nice, even though they go overboard with the pink sometimes.

If you don't want to spend a lot, or want someting a bit different check out for T-shirts, sweat shirts etc.

Go to football gift ideas for other suggestions; or you can go to Gift Guides USA for a range of football gift finders. There are also discounts available from the NFL shop and other merchants at Great Online Deals.

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Anonymous said...

Hello! fantastic idea, but will this really work?