Saturday, September 29, 2007

What To Give Him For Christmas!

I guess Christmas is coming! I never thought I would see anyone really pushing socks for Christmas!

What To Give Him For Christmas!
By Rupert Bowling

So what do you give to the man who has everything? Difficult isn't it? Unless you are prepared to spend £200 on a new camcorder (I bet he already has one) or is it a new Motorbike he really wants? I can really only speak for myself, when I say come Christmas time:

"There is really nothing I need. " And it is true. Most of my friends are the same. We live in a society in the west that is extremely lucky. Like the Romans before us, we really want for very little. (That is a whole new article though

So, it was a surprise, and a bit of a joke when last Christmas I got some Jazzy Mens Socks from my wife Sue. To say I was delighted, would I am afraid be a lie, but I can say with honesty, that I was not disappointed. After all, my current sock drawer was full of socks badly matched, and with holes in every other one. It may come as a surprise to you to discover that a man who runs a menswear shop has holes in his socks. And If I tell you that I used to work for a sock manufacturer in the UK, I guess that makes it worse. all I can say to you is "The Cobbler's Children Have No Shoes". I have no other line of defence.

So socks for Christmas? How corny can you get? Well not alot actually. That is one of the delights. The other is that these socks are special socks. They are colour coded. This means that when SHE (that is my wife Sue in my case) comes to sort the washing, it is easy. Red to red, blue to blue, grey to grey green to green and (dare I say it ) pink to pink. Meanwhile, I get to wear black socks. Call me conservative if you like, but the thought of having to choose a pair of socks in the morning is more than I can bear.

The reality is, I like them so much, I decided to sell them. So, wondering what to buy him for Christmas this year?

Why not go traditional! Buy him some quality socks!

Rupert Bowling is the Owner of EshopOne a supplier of Mens Suits. Having been selling mens clothing online since 1999, he is considered by some to be an "old timer".

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