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Tips for Purchasing Jewellery as a Gift

It can be hard to get a jewellery gift, but if you get it right it can be stunning. Here are some tips on buying jewellery gifts.

Tips for Purchasing Jewellery as a Gift
By Nathan Hartnett

People often visit us with the question, “What should I buy as a gift?” Whether it is for a birthday, a wedding anniversary, Valentines Day, Christmas or “just because”, jewellery has been the gift of choice of many for thousands of years. As such, we have compiled a list of “things to think about” when purchasing jewellery as a gift on the internet, that we hope will ensure there will be less stress and more joy when you next decide to give one of the most treasured gifts that you can give.

1. If you are looking to buy a ring, the number one question has to be “how do I know what size to buy?” If you are not sure of what size their finger is, or aren’t even sure which finger they would prefer to wear the ring on, this can quite obviously be a source of distress! There have been many ingenious ways that people have used over the years to determine ring size, from stealing one of their other rings and finding out its size, to tying a piece of string around their finger while they sleep. Some of these ideas work well, but none of them are perfect. The ideal solution is to be aware that unless you drug them (not recommended by Titan Jewellery), and then get an accurate ring size, you probably aren’t going to get their size perfect first time. So what is the solution? By all means do your best to find out their ring size by whatever means necessary, but buy from a company that will allow you to exchange the ring for the correct size if you need to. You will normally have to ensure that the ring is returned in perfect condition, so as soon as you determine that the ring size is incorrect; return it to its original packaging.

The second alternative is to purchase a gift certificate instead. An electronic gift certificate means that not only do they get to choose the size themselves, but they also get to choose the style.

2. The second most important tip when purchasing any gift off the internet is to "get in early!" The vast majority of jewellery on the internet will have to be shipped to you. While any company worth dealing with should send you your item within a couple of days of ordering, once it has left that company’s hands, it is then purely up to the shipping company that handles the shipping as to when it arrives at your doorstep. During holiday “gift giving” seasons, so many gifts of all descriptions get shipped around the world, that shipping can come to a standstill, and normal shipping times can be extended significantly. There is nothing worse than ordering the perfect gift off the internet, only to have it arrive several days, or even weeks, too late. The answer? Get in early! If you are buying a Christmas gift for example, double the standard shipping time you see on any jewellery company’s website (unless using express post or courier options). You will often find also, that many online companies offer early bird specials in an effort to get customers to purchase their gifts at a time when they will be guaranteed not to be disappointed.

The second alternative is once again to purchase an electronic gift certificate. If you have left it to the last minute, don’t despair! An electronic gift certificate can be emailed to you within hours of purchasing it. The recipient can then choose whatever item they like (in whatever size!) and the added bonus is that after the holiday season, the postage times will go back to normal, so they shouldn’t have to wait!

3. What kind of ring/gift is appropriate? Well, that often depends on how well you know the recipient. The first obvious distinction is whether they are male or female. Might they prefer a pendant or pair of earrings instead of a ring? Have a look at what they wear, if they don’t normally wear pendants, or they don’t have pierced ears, these are probably pretty good indications that they would prefer a ring! If they do wear pendants or earrings, then these make popular alternatives – particularly if the jewellery is hypoallergenic.

If you have decided to purchase them a ring, what style should you go for? For gentlemen, we would recommend watching what they wear, and decide between getting them a casual dress ring, or an elite dress ring depending on whether they prefer the casual or dressier style of appearance.

If it is a lady you are purchasing for, have a look at the rings she currently wears. Are they large and ostentatious? Or are they simple, elegant and refined? If she normally wears a wedding or engagement ring, you don’t want to overshadow that ring with the one you purchase her; otherwise she may not wear it very often.

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