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Giving Gifts - Tips to Make it Easier

This article gives some (much needed!) advice on how to pick a gift for a particular person.

Giving Gifts - Tips to Make it Easier
By Maraya Mullen

Special occasions like birthdays and anniversaries used to be fun events filled with joy, laughter and happiness—that is, until the pressure brought by our inherent need to impress loved ones and make them happy by giving them the perfect gift became too much. Just weeks after wracking your brain figuring out what to give your niece this Christmas, you find yourself trying to think of great gifts ideas for mom and dad yet again as they prepare to celebrate their wedding anniversary.

Why bother with trying to find the perfect gift, then? Because for us, there is nothing like seeing the face of a loved-one light up when you manage to send a birthday gift or Christmas present that he or she absolutely loves. Yes, choosing unique Valentine’s Day gifts is not, never was, and never will be easy, but they are worth all the effort.

So to make life a little bit easier for all you generous but tired and confused gift-givers, here are some reminders and tips you can use to help make choosing gifts a little bit easier:

1. Use the Internet

More than making instantaneous communication between two persons located on two different continents possible, the Internet has also opened a floodgate of information and helped further broaden the global market. Make the most of the opportunities the Internet presents and use it to research for inexpensive Christmas ideas or, after you’ve thoroughly checked the store’s background, buy unique birthday gifts online.

2. Think of the personality of the gift’s recipient

The most important thing to consider when buying a gift is the recipient’s personality, his/her likes and dislikes. What most people appreciate most about the gifts they are given is the fact that the gift has been given a lot of thought. A person who is into gangster movies would likely appreciate a complete, special edition DVD set of the Godfather movies than a first edition book on knitting, however rare it may be.

3. Think, and buy, ahead.

One of the worst things you can do when buying gifts is to wait until the very last minute. Not only will you not be able to thoroughly think about what gift to give and force you to buy in haste, you also end up feeling stressed and tired (ever tried Christmas shopping on the 23rd of December?) So always give yourself a few days or weeks to do your gift shopping, not only will you end up with better gifts, you’ll also enjoy the act of buying (or making) the gifts better.

4. It’s rarely about the price.

While a nice jewelry or the latest game console would be appreciated every once in a while, a homemade gift would also be cherished and loved if given from the heart (yes this sounds corny, but it’s true). Old school “dating” gift ideas and items like mixed tapes (or in this digital world, mixed CDs) and scrapbooks are still popular with couples because they appeal to the sentiment, to the emotions and to the heart.

Remember that giving a gift is supposed to be a heartwarming and pleasant experience. Don’t let the pressure of choosing the perfect present ruin it for you.

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