Thursday, December 20, 2007

Christmas Gifts Your Friends Would Love

5 Christmas Gifts Your Friends Would Love

By Charlotte Demontigny

While it's sometimes difficult to choose the right present for family members, when it comes to buying gifts for our good friends; it can be a wonderful experience. Her are 5 Christmas gifts your friends would love.


Candles are a wonderful gift for any occasion, but for the holidays they are a necessity. There are so many choices to choose from these days; peppermint candles for the holiday table; berry candles to place throughout the home; votive candles, and more. You can even purchase several candles on a tray. They come in assorted sizes and scents.

New Car Gifts

Has a friend just purchased a new car? If so, here are some items you may want to give as gifts. A roadside kit which is invaluable, especially if your friend drives long distances. A blanket; a first aid kit for the glove compartment; and add a roll of quarters for parking to any of these gifts you may choose.

New Home/Home Improvement Gifts

If you're friend is a do-it-your-self woman, no doubt she will need some necessary items. How about a tool kit which comes with a screwdriver, hammer, tape measure, pliers, assorted screws and hooks. You could also include a small can of putty; and a putty knife as well.


You can find bags of potpourri in assorted scents. Your friend can make little sacks to put in drawers, closets, or simply place in a vase in the living room.


It may sound silly, but we all run out of hangers. More importantly, the wire hangers that come with our dry cleaning are a nuisance. There are wonderful hangers that allow for clothing to remain without sliding off. These are showcased on TV, and certainly you can find them in any major department store or online.

Sometimes, it's the things we don't think are luxurious or trendy that make the perfect gift. "Necessity is the mother of invention," and these 5 Christmas gifts will certainly come in handy and will be more than appreciated by your friends.

Charlotte Demontigny
Web Master
Places to Retire - Inexpensive to Exotic

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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Last Minute Christmas Gifts for Sports Fans

Last Minute Christmas Gifts For Sports Fans 2007

By Nic Roberts

Sports fans come in all shapes and sizes, some like all sports and others may prefer one or two. I remember there was a game I went to a couple of years ago and I hate to admit this now because we had great seats but I could hardly enjoy the game because all I could think about was keeping warm. It didn't help that I could barely feel my toes and fingers at this point and I sat there thinking if only I had a heater. Which by the way makes a perfect a gift for a sports fan especially this time of the year. They are able to enjoy the game and be warm all at the same time. Here are some items that the sports fan in your life might enjoy this Christmas.

1) Tickets - this would probably be the best gift you could give a sports fan, tickets to a local game or pro. I'm sure the hottest tickets at the moment are bowl games.

2) Portable Heater - I love this product when going to games in the winter

3) Autographed Memorabilia - Can you imagine the look on their face if you had a signed football helmet from Tom Brady?

4 ) Team Jersey or Team Jacket - I gave jerseys to my nephews a couple of years ago and needless to say I was a wonderful aunt in their eyes.

5) Stadium Seat - They have some really comfortable ones on the market now.

6) Blanket - What could be better than a heater and a heated blanket at a game this time of year?

7) Binoculars - Sometimes the seat is a little farther than we had in my mind and this is a great help .

I hope this list helps when shopping for the sports fan in your life this Christmas.

Nic Roberts

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Friday, December 14, 2007

Christmas Gifts for Him

Christmas Gifts for Him

By Jan Gamm

The Him in your life is always the worst possible person to buy for at Christmas or in fact at any other time of year. Men seem to have a talent for acquiring absolutely everything they could ever want out of life and a further talent for making it known they do not require anything else thank you very much. What, then, could you possibly buy for the man who has everything he wants and needs?

The electric shaver is always a wonderful standby. Men love gadgets and the electric shaver always has a yearly technical upgrade irresistible to the average beard. Even if your man has a shaver already, a new shiny one is always appreciated. Never buy socks and ties for the man in your life, he will hate them. Men consider gifts of practical clothing insulting and boring. Unless you are buying for Mr Practical do not consider such items.

Toys are great gifts for men. A remote controlled helicopter can provide hours of fun and entertainment, providing it is not too expensive or too complicated to assemble. Ensure you do not spend a fortune on items such as these, as they are prone to accidental damage. The latest tiny helicopter toy is a dream gift for the man who likes fiddling with buttons and controls.

Sentimental gifts for men are usually a no-no unless yours is the ultra romantic type. A good quality silver key ring is a safe gift if you want to give something lasting, especially for men who drive expensive cars. Avoid buying such things as briefcases or document cases. These things are a personal buy and need to be carefully inspected for individual preference as to colour, shape and function.

The latest Sat Nav is a great choice for men who travel in their work. Make sure you get a version which is both functional and up to date by doing your research online first. The same goes for digital cameras and other such gadgetry. These items go out of style within weeks and you really need to get the very latest models. If you are going to buy music, be sensible and give vouchers instead of trying to guess a man's preferences. Books are also best given as vouchers.

Instead of investing in gift sets of after shave and shower gel, buy a good quality leather bag and fill it with items you know would be welcome. So many men end up with piles of hand lotion and shower cream left over from three Christmases past because they are items they would never use. Choose a good quality shaving balm, always welcome and always used.

Avoid choosing power tools unless you are sure of what you are buying. There are a hundred combinations of drills, saws and planes, any old thing just will not do. Find out what he wants first, rather than guess wrongly.

Alcohol is a great gift. If you are unsure of his preference, then a bottle of good champagne is always welcome. A single crystal wine glass and a bottle of vintage wine is a safe gift.

Pens are a great choice if they are for a man you know well enough to understand which he prefers - ball point or roller ball or ink etc. You can always agree with the store to exchange for the right combination at a later date. If you are certain you have the right thing an engraved pen is always a welcome sentimental and personal item.

Theatre tickets or match tickets are always well received and they make good gifts for older men who are even more difficult to buy for. The good thing is you can buy well ahead for sporting events, so ensuring good seats. Do try to buy two tickets; otherwise the poor guy will end up sitting watching his favourite team alone.

Jan Gamm writes reflections on life with an emphasis on world travel. She has lived in many countries and traveled extensively in the Far East, the Middle East, America, South America and throughout the South Pacific. She writes for fun and for money whenever she can manage it.

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Thursday, December 13, 2007

Lingerie for Your Love for Christmas

Yes, it is a bit of a stereotype - an embarrassed husband asking a shop person about bra sizes. But these days it is easier, and more accepted, to shop for lingerie for a woman. Just make sure you don't just think of yourself when buying it!

Show Your Lady Some Love With Lingerie For Christmas
By Tianyi Lim

The perfect gift for your wife this month are lingerie for Christmas. Besides Valentine's Day, no other holiday season has so many couples frantically looking for romantic gifts to give to their loved one. After a year of hard work and the busy schedule we people live nowadays, it is hard to spend quality time with your spouse, intimately.

This Christmas, 2008, you can bring some creativity and romance in the bedroom with some of the most gorgeous intimates. Whether it is a bling bling green and white elf costume, a white and red fur-trimmed Santa outfit, or some Christmas themed lingerie, they are bound to be relevant and exciting.

For Santa costumes, white fuzzy panties and red satin teddies are a good match for the occasion. These inner wear and its novelty appeal enables couples to enjoy this holiday season more romantically. The creativity behind the lingerie builds up the anticipation.

Lingerie are great gifts to your lover. The excitement of receiving these gifts adds to the intimate experience when the lingerie is being worn. It gives the idea that all you want in this Christmas is to love your partner more, and that thought alone generates great satisfaction in the relationship for both of you.

Regardless of whether they are to be meant as a gift for your loved one, or for you to wear to express the attractive women in you for him, these lingerie for Christmas will definitely make this season a more memorable one. Drag your man into the bedroom, lock the doors and put on your new lingerie for him. After that, you can ask whatever you want for Christmas.

Lim Tianyi is the author of a online linger review blog,

The primary objective of the blog is to help couples develop greater relationship through lingerie aided intimacy.

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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Unique Last Minute Gift

Signature Days LLCThe pressure is on. You don't have that special present for your loved one. You need a last minute unique gift.

How about giving them a day to remember? Signature Days have thousands of unique gift experiences that will give the ones you love a day to remember.

Here are some examples:

Unique Gifts for Him

NASCAR -Give him a day out in a real stock car! These are the real deal. They'll never forget driving in a real NASCAR. it ranges from being a passenger to actually driving around a NASCAR track.

Fighter Pilot for a Day - Climb into the cockpit of a real military aircraft with your instructor. Experience the thrill of air combat! Look for enemy aircraft, enagage in air-air combat and return to based a winner (or a loser, but we don't talk about that).

Fly Fishing Lessons - Less adventure, but very relaxing! This one on one private lesson ensures he progresses to better casting, better presentation and ultimately better fishing.

Unique Gifts for Her

Personal Chef Service - Have a romantic dinner at home without wither of you having to cook. Or impress a group of friends.
A professionally trained chef will prepare a restaurant- quality dinner in your own kitchen, explaining each dish in detail to your guests. He will provide all the necessary ingredients and clean up once he's done.

In Home Massage - Let her relax and get a refreshing, soothing massage in the comfort of her own home.

Personal Shopper - These professional shoppers know where to go, when to go and what to buy and you can expect the most up-to-date fashion advice available.

What is available does depend on your location but you're bound to fin something they will enjoy and remember for years to come. There are gift certificates available for specific activities or you can get one that can be credited to any activity.

So go to Signature Days and find them something unique!

Monday, December 10, 2007

How Good are Online Retailers at Gift Wrapping?

If you are buying something over the internet for someone, and it's being delivered to them, you want to make sure it's wrapped properly and that they don't find out the cost.

This segment, from the Early Show on CBS, tests a number of online retailers to see how well they wrapped and kept secrets.

Friday, December 7, 2007

Top 10 Gadget Gifts for Christmas

Yep, it's another top 10 list!! These are some great gift ideas for the person who loves gadgets. I have the iPod Touch, and I highly recommend it.

Top 10 Gadget Gift Ideas For the 2007 Holiday Season
By Neece Campione

A gadget gift is something novel yet useful. Usually when you buy someone a gadget gift, you think it would be cool if someone had gotten you the exact same thing. We've put together a list, in no particular order, to show you what's out there for this season:

1. The iPod Touch: This perfect gadget gift has a 3.5" widescreen display on the multi-touch surface. It's just beautiful. You can download straight from iTunes, as well as surf the web with Wi-Fi, so it will fit seamlessly into your life. It comes in 8GB and 16GB.

2. The iPhone: Another great gadget gift from Apple, made even more attractive with its recent price drop. You've got a phone, an iPod and an internet browser in one groovy little package. It also comes with the awesome multi-touch surface.

3. Isis Puzzle from Sharper Image: If you think you're smart now, try this little gadget gift on for size. It's considered the most difficult puzzle ever. Each one is unique with just one solution. If you crack the code you win one of several prizes.

4. Sleeptracker Watch: We love this watch! If you need to wake up refreshed and alert, then you need a sleeptracker. They wake you up when you're ready within a window of time that you specify. This gadget gift is considered one of the most amazing inventions for 2005.

5. Solio: If you have a wanderer on your list who frequently finds himself slightly off the beaten path, with no place to charge his electronics, then this is the perfect gadget gift. It charges a wide array of devices using the power of the sun. So unless they're going spelunking, they can use it anywhere.

6. The Samsung Flash SSD: This is the gadget gift for someone who absolutely positively has to have the latest cutting edge computer memory technology. Data acquisition is super fast because it's solid state. There are no moving parts, which in turn means there's no chance of mechanical failure. This looks like "the next Big Thing" in computers.

7. The Micro Stainless Steel Digital Camcorder: Small, compact and shiny, this gadget gift is packed with awesome features. How about DVD quality video and 5.4 megapixel photos? It has a built in flash as well as a slick interface on a 2.5 inch LCD screen and a rechargeable battery.

8. The Ion USB Turntable: The perfect gadget gift for every audiophile on your list who still has lots of LPs, especially if they were never released on CD. Now they can rip their rare LPs directly to MP3 or WAV format and enjoy them any time they want. The turntable is professional quality, and it comes complete with the necessary software.

9. Sun and Moon Jar Lamps: Take a frosted glass jar, low energy LEDs, a high efficiency solar cell and a rechargeable battery, and what do you get? You get the beautiful sun and moon jar lamps! Completely portable and waterproof, they can be used to decorate anywhere inside or outside the home. All they need is direct sunlight to charge.

10. USB Rechargeable AA Batteries: A gadget gift to help you enjoy other gadget gifts you already have! Everything seems to run on AA batteries so this will help you save the environment as well, because you're not throwing away batteries all the time. Simply flip the top and plug right into your USB to charge them up.

Here's our list of our favorite things for the Holiday season this year. We hope it helps, because if we can save just one shopper from holiday overload, then it will have been worth it. And who among us doesn't have someone who would appreciate a gadget gift?

Neece, like everyone else, enjoys the finer things in life. She researches and discovers the best things available so you can find the luxuries you deserve as well as gifts for those you love all in one convenient place.

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Thursday, December 6, 2007

Gifts for Big Kids at The Sharper Image

Children may love these gifts, but we all know that there is a significant proportion of adults who would love them too. These make a great Christmas gift for the kid at heart.

Here are The Sharper Image's Top 5 Gifts for Big Kids.

R2-D2 Interactive Droid
R2-D2™, the Interactive Astromech Droid™, is ready to serve you!

Pocket Mod Vapor Electric Scooter by Razor
Sporty electric scooter goes as fast as 15mph with riders as big as 175lbs!

Air Hogs R/C Havoc Heli Laser Battle (BH006)
Pilot your Havoc Heli to victory by shooting down your opponent with infrared beams!

Carrera Digital 132 Champion's Race Set
Incredibly realistic slot-racing action for as many as six cars!

Can you unlock "the most difficult puzzle ever"?

These would make a great Christmas gift for your husband, boyfriend, brother and, oh yeah, any kids you might know!

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Green Gift Wrap

In these days where environmental awareness is a hot topic, we need to look at all the different ways we can make a difference. There is no point taking the time and trouble to get someone a green gift if you then wrap it in expensive wrapping paper with a huge bow! It seems that every Christmas there are at least two trash bags full of wrapping paper that will never be used again.

There are things we can do, and there are things all around us we can use, to wrap a gift in an eco-friendly way. It will also be appreciated by the recipient because they'll realize you took a little more time and thought to wrap it. Here are some tips on green gift wrapping.

Straight recycling - Don't just throw gift wrap into the trash - it can be used again! It's probably best to use it on a gift for someone else though. If it it torn then you could shred it to be used in a gift bag or as packing in a box; or if you're really clever, cut it into strips and make bows with it.

Newspapers and Magazines - Newspapers from Japan or Korea make interesting gift wrap. You can also use photo spreads from magazine - for instance you could wrap that Hannah Montana CD with a photo of Miley Cyrus from one of the celebrity or teen magazines. The comic strip sections makes great wrapping for kids gifts; and car ads can be used for Dad's gifts, flower spreads for Mom's.

Holiday Catalogs - These have great pictures in them and are expensive, glossy paper. It would be a crime not to re-use them! They may get someone's hopes up too much when they see expensive jewelry on the outside and discover a desk calendar on the inside, so you do have to be careful!

Maps - If they aren't too beaten up maps can be used, especially for bigger gifts. They tend to be for more masculine gifts and would certainly be a talking point.

Stuffing - Your home shredding machine is a great source for filling a box so the gift doesn't move around. Or you could shred that recycled gift wrap we were talking about and make an interesting color display. If you buy something mail order, you should always keep the little peanuts or bubble wrap to used for gifts or even your own packages.

With a little thought and forward planning, you can make interesting and intriguing gift wrap that's eco-friendly and actually saves you money!

Monday, December 3, 2007

Inexpensive Gift Idea for Co-workers

Work in an office? Looking for something different to give your co-workers for Christmas this year? How about some USB gadgets for their PC?

There is a wide range of gadgets - from little snowmen that light up to plasma balls to coffee warmers. They aren't that expensive - from $10 up to perhaps $30.

Here are some examples:

You can choose something that fits a particular co-worker's personality, or get everyone the same thing so they don't get jealous!

There are many more cube goodies at

Friday, November 30, 2007

Christmas Gift Ideas for the Laptop User

If someone travels a lot or just uses their laptop a lot it can be a good source of gift ideas. In this article P Pavarolar suggests some gift ideas for the WiFi user.

A 2007-08 Holiday Gift Guide For A Wi-Fi Traveler
By P Pavarolar

Do you have a Wi-Fi(ed) traveler on your holiday shopping list? if so this gift guide can help you find the perfect Wi-Fi gifts for your Wi-Fi(ed) traveler. When it comes to buying Wi-Fi gifts for these mobile computing fanatics you need to ask yourself these 3 important questions about the gifts your are considering: Will it make life on the road easier for them? Will it make life on the road more fun for them? And will it save time and money on their travel? To make sure the Wi-Fi(ed) traveler on your shopping list is smiling on his or her next flight to New York, we've put together this wish list of our favorite gifts to give the working on-the-go Wi-Fi(ed) travelers.

Get Them Online Anywhere

If someone on your list travels all over the map and have yet to have a mobile Wi-Fi subscription consider Mobile Broadband Network from Sprint. At $59.00 a month this subscription will gives a large nation wide coverage using Sprint existing mobile phone network that gives your traveler access to Wi-Fi Internet anywhere. If this Sprint plan is a bit much for your budget considers Boingo who provides access to Wi-Fi Internet via 100,000 hotspots world wide. The subscription for Boingo's plan is $21.95/month for the laptop and $7.95/month for Smartphones & PDAs. Getting the Wi-Fi access to your special someone will make their life on the road that much easier!!

Finding a Signal On-The-Go

For finding out about Wi-Fi signal at the airports there is which your Wi-Fi(ed) traveler can use prior to leaving for his or her trip. We, however, recommend TrendNet Wi-Fi signal finder for when they are on the road. This little device is handy when you need know if there is Wi-Fi network that your computer can connect to in-range. A Wi-Fi signal finder can save time and the hassle of having to boot up and log-on to a laptop just to find out if there is Wi-Fi access around. The good news for this holiday is that the prices for Wi-Fi finders like the TrendNet Wi-Fi have been on a decline!

Put Wi-Fi in Their Hand

Okay, you probably already have guessed that iPhone is going to be on our Wi-Fi wishlist and we say why not!! The iPhone is awesome and for the price of $399 + monthly plan it is still a bargain when you consider all of the technologies packed into this little device that you are getting. The iPhone is SURE to make any Wi-Fi(ed) traveler smile and it will definently make the life on the road that much more fun!!

Connect to Wi-Fi Safely

Connecting to public hotspots on the road and be a blessing or a potential curse with hi-tech theft out there. Give your Wi-Fi(ed) traveler on your list a Wi-Fi peace of mine and sign them up with JiWire's SpotLock which costs $39.95 per year. This subscription helps ensure that he or she will be safe while working over Wi-Fi. The JiWire's software will block hackers, and allows you to access your email or other private information safely.

Watch The Shows On The Road Your Programs

Let them take their favorite show with them on the road. Thanks to Slingbox ($129.99), no matter where they might be, they will never have to miss an episode of ER or Heroes. This device allow you to access your home TV and its programs over the internet from anywhere on your laptop. The TV-top device connects to your TV and your home Internet connection making your TV program available for access over any internet connection.

Now you have a list of our favorite Wi-Fi gifts that will make any Wi-Fi fan smile this holiday, go on and start shopping!!

Airport WiFi and Mobile Computing Article by
Check out our WiFi service guide and rating for your airport today.

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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Gift Cards Make a Great Gift!

Whether it be online or a store, some people feel that a gift card or certificate is the easy way out when it comes to giving a gift. There is no doubt that they are easy and convenient, and the recipient can get a gift they definitely want. However, if you put a little thought into it and get a card from a store that you know the recipient likes, and/or suggest what they might buy with it then it is appreciated a lot more.

120x60 StaticYou can get general gift cards everywhere, some of the best ones in terms of flexibility are from MasterCard, Discover etc. They operate the same as cash, they can be used anywhere, and they come with designs for specific occasions such as Christmas, weddings anniversaries etc.

Cards from general retailers such as or Walmart gives the recipient a wide choice of goods, although do suggest what to buy because it shows you have thought about them and what they might need. They don't have to get what you suggest so it's a win-win situation.

If you want to get something more specific there is a wide choice of specialty cards. Here are some suggestions by recipient.

For Him

The sports fan has a lot of choices including,, Nike and Callaway Golf.

For the NASCAR fan, offers electronic gift cards for use on their website. They can be sent via e-mail, and he can choose a t-shirt, mugs, model cars etc. in the comfort of his own home.

If he travels a lot then Magellan's have a huge range of travel goods, or you can go for something like a Marriott or Hyatt Hotels and Resorts card so he can buy things when he's staying at a hotel.

The gadget guy will appreciate a gift card from Brookstone or The Sharper Image.

Another options is a card from their favorite restaurant such as Hard Rock Cafe, Dave and Busters, Tony Romas or Bennigans Grill and Tavern.

One thing to consider is a bundle. This is a collection of cards aimed at a particular type of person. For him, you could consider bundles for the Do-it-Yourselfer, the Workout Enthusiast or a Winter Sports Weekend Gift Card Bundle.

For Her

The obvious thing here is to get a spa gift certificate. Spa Finder and offer certificates that can be redeemed in thousands of spas.

Another great option is to get one for a Department store - she can get clothes, shoes, perfume etc. You can't go wrong with Macys, Bloomingdales or Neiman Marcus to name a few.

For the home, offer a wide chioce of gifts, as do Linens N Things, Bed Bath and Beyond, Williams-Sonoma and Pottery Barn.

Jewelry is a common gift, and she can choose something she'll love at Zales or Blue Nile.

Gift card bundles for her include A Day Off for Mom, Dinner and a Movie or the Winter Sports Weekend Gift Card Bundle.


A DINE SuperCertificate can be traded for cards from thirty different restaurant chains, so there's bound to be one they'll like.

If they are just setting up home then Walmart or Williams-Sonoma are great choices.


Restaurant Gift Certificates are a popular choice, or the DINE SuperCertificate is great too.

With a bit of thought, whatever you choose will be appreciated, whether it be your spouse, family member, neighbor or co-worker.

Monday, November 26, 2007

Collectibles - The Perfect Christmas Gift

Christmas Collectibles are a lovely way to show you care - they brighten up the home and can increase in value over time. They make a great gift for a spouse, Mother, sister or other family members and friends.

Collectibles Today offer a wide range of Christmas collectibles and are offering a free gift with selected collections.

Here are a few of them.

Thomas Kinkade Old World Santa Ornament Collection

Thomas Kinkade Old World Santa Ornament Collection

A Collecting First! Thomas Kinkade's Old World Santas - Thomas Kinkade, Painter of Light, brings his own vision to Christmas - where a snowy scene glows with warmth and bathed in moonlight - is magically revealed inside Santa's cloak.

Now, for the first time ever in collectible Santa ornaments, Thomas Kinkade's magnificent art becomes an integral part of each ornament design!

Imagine this collection in your home, creating a feeling of Old World elegance and charm, not just during the holidays, but all year long. Plus, with the collection you'll receive a FREE*; storage case - a $35 value!

Thomas Kinkade's works are highly admired, so don't miss out. Order your Ashton-Drake collectible ornament collection today!

*** Express Shipping Available ***

Boston Red Sox Christmas Village Collection

Boston Red Sox Christmas Village Collection

Boston Red Sox Collectible Christmas Village Collection! Limited-edition MLB Collectibles Hit a Holiday Home Run!

Here's a holiday home run that's sure to have your family cheering for your favorite baseball team, the Boston Red Sox! Now, for the first time ever, enjoy all the thrills of a day at Fenway Park in your own home with this Boston Red Sox collectible Christmas Village collection!

The excitement begins with Issue One featuring Fenway Park and FREE Santa figurine, two flags and three ballpark pennants. Next, game-day in your village collection continues with Issue Two, The Red Sox Diner, Issue Three, Boston Red Sox Restaurant, and Issue Four, Boston Red Sox Station, each with select FREE accessories. Additional village buildings, each a separate issue and some with select free figurines and accessories, will follow!

This limited-edition Boston Red Sox collectible Christmas village collection is available from Hawthorne Village and is officially licensed by Major League Baseball Properties. Every edition proudly sports the colors, logos, and symbols that bring the Red Sox to life in your home! This is an outstanding value for MLB collectibles that are sure to become family treasures, but you must hurry! Intense demand is expected - order now!

*** Express Shipping Available ***

Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer® Christmas Town Village Collection: Christmas Home Décor

Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer® Christmas Town Village Collection: Christmas Home Décor

Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer(R) Christmas Town Village Collection Celebrates a Classic! Exclusive Christmas Home Decor!

For over three decades the television classic Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer(R) has captured our hearts. Now, relive those cherished memories when Rudolph's(R) Christmas Town village collection comes alive right in your own home, starting with Issue One featuring Santa & Mrs. Claus' Castle and FREE Rudolph & Clarice figurine. Before long you'll be lining up for training at Issue Two, Coach Comet's Flight Camp, which includes a FREE Santa & Mrs. Claus figurine. Next, your Christmas home decoration collection continues with Issue Three, Reindeer Barn and Weather Watch Tower, and Issue Four, Santa's Toy Workshop and Sam Snowman figurine. Additional village buildings, each a separate issue and some with select free figurines and accessories, will follow.

All the handcrafted and hand-painted Rudolph Christmas Town village buildings light up, casting a warm holiday glow on your beloved friends, Rudolph and Clarice, Santa and Mrs. Claus, the lovable Hermey, Bumble and more! This magical village collection is an exclusive Hawthorne Village collectible first and a great value you don't want to miss, so hurry! Strong demand is expected for this unique Christmas home decoration - order now!

*** Express Shipping Available ***

Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas Collectible Christmas Town Collection

Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas Collectible Christmas Town Collection

First Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas Village Town Collection Frightens Up the Holidays with Wicked Cheer!

Jack Skellington can't believe his sunken eyes! With the turn of a knob, he falls into another world full of snow, candy canes and gifts galore in the first ever Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas Christmas Town Collection. Frighten up your holidays starting with Issue One, Sandy Claws' Workshop and a FREE Jack as Sandy Claws figurine. Soon after, you'll receive Issue Two, Christmas Town Shops and FREE Sandy Claws figurine. Additional issues of collectible village buildings, each a separate issue with select free figurines and accessories, will follow.

This exclusive collectible first from Hawthorne Village is masterfully handcrafted and hand-painted in splendid hues. "Boo"-tifully haunting with lights, music and motion, imagine how wonderful your holiday display will be with this one-of-a-kind collectible village inspired by the genius of Tim Burton. Each devilishly detailed village building really light ups with ghoulishly glowing colors and the Merry-Go-Round is mesmerizing with music and motion. Don't wait to pay an unforgettable visit to Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas village town collection. Strong demand is expected. Order now!

For more fantastic Christmas collectibles with free gifts go to Special Offer - Free gifts at

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Name A Star - A Unique Gift For Christmas

Name a star at Star RegistryLooking for a unique gift for Christmas? How about naming a star after your loved one?

It makes a great gift for Christmas, birthdays, anniversaries, Valentines day, Mother's Day, Father's Day, or just because! They won't already have anything like it, and it shows them how much they mean to you.

International Star Registry has been naming stars for over 25 years and offer a range of packages. The way it works is this:

  • Choose which package you want to get - the "basic" one is great, it offers a certificate, a map with the star marked and a booklet on astrology. There are also packages with the certificate framed, and also the star chart framed.
  • You choose which constellation you want the named star to be in (you can even choose and area in that constellation)
  • Choose a name!
  • You can also get personalized jewelry - making it an extra-special gift!
It makes a great gift for your wife, girlfriend or fiancee. Or perhaps it's just for that slightly geeky boyfriend of yours. Whoever it's for, they will love it!

You should realize that this is not recognized by the scientific community, and that the star is not actually owned by you.

The star name is published in a book called "Your Place in the Cosmos".

Buy a Star Name Today!

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Online Black Friday and Cyber Monday Promotions

There are a lot of online promotions for Black Friday (even though you normally to actually go to the store!) and Cyber Monday. I guess buying online saves you lining up, and getting up way too early after the excesses of the day before. There are also promotions for Thanksgiving itself - apparently a high volume day!

Here are some Black Friday/Cyber Monday deals I'm aware of, feel free to leave any others you have found in the comments! I'll be updating this post as I find more!

Get Free Shipping Over $75 from 11.22 to 11.24 at!
Get 20% off during the NFLShop 4 hour sale from 7pm to 11pm EST 11.25 at!

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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Personalized Christmas Ornaments and Gifts

Christmas is a time of year full of memories and one of the best ways to preserve those memories is to get a personalized Christmas tree ornament or give someone a personalized Christmas stocking. They can be given to family, friends, neighbors and even co-workers. And, of course, you can just get one for yourself!

Here is a selection of personalized Christmas gifts from They offer free personalization on a wide range of goods. If you are interested, you should use one of the coupon codes at Great Online Deals.

More Christmas Gifts

Monday, November 19, 2007

What To Get Her For Christmas

Give Her Comfort This Christmas

By Jennifer Wasilewski

Are you searching for the perfect gift for your wife? Maybe you've already bought the diamond earrings she's been dreaming about or the smart phone she's been hinting at but need a few more things to really give her a special Christmas? If you're stuck for ideas then you're in luck. Below you will find great gifts that any women will love. Show your wife how much you appreciate everything she does for you by giving the gift of comfort. Every woman loves to be pampered and with these gifts you'll have her feeling stress free and comfy in a matter of minutes.

  • women's pajamasPajamas: Sure your wife probably sleeps in your old T-Shirts and boxers and finds them perfectly comfortable, but every woman likes to feel a little special now and then. Treat your wife to a cozy pair of pajamas that can keep her warm and comfy during the chilly nights. For ultimate comfort choose pjs that are super soft; materials like cotton or fleece offer both warmth and comfort. To keep things in the holiday spirit look for pants in reds, green, or other holiday themed colors or patterns.
  • Slippers: In sticking with the theme of comfort, choose a great pair of slippers or slippers socks to pamper your wife's feet. She'll love to slipping out of her heels and into a fuzzy pair of slippers after a hard day at work. Look for slippers that are made of fleece, furry materials, or velvet for the ultimate amount of comfort and warmth.
  • Robe: Score some points this Christmas with ultra soft, super comfy robe that your wife can snuggle up into on the long cold nights. There are several styles, sizes, and colors to choose from so find one that suits your wife's personality. When you're looking for a robe, consider what kind of of material and length your wife would like the best. Does she prefer short and silky robes or long and fuzzy robes. Don't be tempted to buy one that you like, instead buy one that you know she'll love. Remember, it is all about her after all.
  • Bath Time Necessities: Let your wife unwind after a long day work and caring for the family by taking a long relaxing, stress free bubble bath. This gift is really simple and shows you put sometimes, thought, and effort into the gift. Find an extra large, soft, super absorbent towel; bath bubbles in her favorite sent, as well as candles and some body lotion and you have the perfect gift.
  • Massage: Gift your wife the gift of ultimate relaxation with a trip to the spa. Find a reputable day spa in your area and purchase a gift certificate for a whole day or even an hour or so of indulgence. Your wife will be pampered by the pros and in the end will truly thank you for it. If you really want to impress her this Christmas give her a spa treatment for the two of you and you can score extra points by accompanying her on this relaxing adventure.

Find everything you need to treat your wife to a comfortable Christmas at Hue. Hue is the premier one stop shop for ladies leg wear and accessories including socks, tights, and leggings.

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Sunday, November 18, 2007

The New Swarovski Xmas 2007 collections

Every Holiday season artistry always makes a wonderful gift for a loved one, or is perfect for a family heirloom celebrating the time of year - and this year is no exception.

Christmas is one of the brightest, most enchanting times of the year - a season of dreams, magic and childhood memories. To celebrate the occasion, Swarovski has created an inspiring Christmas world presenting three traditional tales that embody harmony and joy. Brought to life this season by the beauty of Gemma Ward and the lens of photographer Craig McDean.

The Facet of Opulence

1. Christmas Ornament, Annual Edition 2007
Annual Edition Christmas Ornament in faceted clear crystal. Blue satin hanger band and small silver-colored tag with year of issue 2007.

2. DIVA Necklace & Earrings
Antique inspired Ruthenium plated necklace featuring Black Diamond crystal, Satin crystal and the new Swarovski Crystal Moonlight surface effect. Clip earrings with Satin crystal and Black Diamond crystal with Ruthenium plating.

The Facet of the Angel of Peace

3. DANCING Pendant, Necklace & Hair Clip
Delicate angel pendant in white epoxy and crystal pavé with Rhodium plating. Rhodium plated necklace featuring dancing angels in white epoxy and crystal pavé. Rhodium plated hair clip with white epoxy and crystal paved angel.

The Facet of the Poinsettia

4. DELUXE Limited Edition Bag & Ring
Black satin and crystal mesh bag with a bow in crystal pavé, a limited edition for Christmas 2007. Ring with crystal pavé bow.

5. POINSETTIA Ornaments
Fully faceted clear crystal disc with poinsettia blossom in Light Siam crystal and Light Topaz crystal center, held by a cream-colored satin hanger band. Poinsettia blossom ornament in fully faceted clear crystal with accents in Light Siam and Light Topaz held by a cream-coloured satin hanger band.

You can find these and other wonderful gifts at

Friday, November 16, 2007

Eco-friendly Gift Wrap

This is an article from that gives some eco-friendly gift wrapping options.

From: Body+Soul

Given the time and thought that goes into picking a holiday gift, the standard wrap job -- a rumpled bow slapped on a department-store box or a bag and tissue paper picked up at the drugstore -- rarely does justice to the contents. But visual appeal isn't the only reason to reconsider your wrapping habits: Americans spend an estimated $2.7 billion annually on ribbons, paper, and bows, and almost all of those goods wind up in the trash. This year make gift wrap that's both gorgeous and green by creatively repurposing stuff others might toss.

Notes eco-stylist Danny Seo, author of the new book "Simply Green Giving": "It's amazing what you can find at Goodwill. Vintage fabrics, wallpaper, and sweaters all make great wrapping -- just look for rich textures."Sometimes," he adds, "the wrap will serve as part of the gift, as in the case of a belt or scarf used as a bow. When you think outside of the paper-covered box, the options are endless. Read on for wrapping ideas as stylish as they are sustainable.

Birch bark and fresh leaves are surprisingly pliable; just roll and secure with twine. Find them in Asian markets and outdoors.

Clockwise from top left: Banana leaf with cinnamon, bamboo leaves with hemp twine, bamboo leaves with star anise, banana leaves with reeds, birch bark with a feather.

Biodegradable stuffing cushions small, fragile items just as well as plastic bubble wrap or Styrofoam peanuts, a recycler's worst nightmare.

Clockwise from top left: Used wrapping paper, shredded; unsalted peanuts in their shells; air-popped popcorn; a pine bough.

In Japan, the art of wrapping gifts in cloth is called furoshiki, and it's brilliantly ecofriendly. Secure open ends with a button, safety pin, or knot.

Clockwise from top left: Vintage scarf; burlap rice bag; wool scarf with a knitting needle; tea towel with rickrack; scrap from a vintage kimono.

Easy to find and work with, vintage and repurposed papers add pop to presents. Layer several colors and textures, or add vintage beads for a finished look.

Clockwise from top left: Vintage wallpaper; Chinese newspaper topped with colored paper; recycled map; grocery bag with Japanese beads.

Created by Donna Garlough and Lauren Sanders; photographs by Karl Juengel; styling by Dawn Sinkowski

First Published: November/December 2006